Sunday, May 13, 2012


View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Drained
This is the 3rd time I've sat down to try to write something, and still my fingers seem paralyzed. I have no mental energy and feel drained of original thought. I have been a Philly sports fan since 1958(except the 6ers, abandoned them *YEARS* ago and now the NBA in total). I have seen highs and lows(mostly lows), from the 1964 record collapse to the Reds to 1972 when the 6ers were 9-73 and Phillies 59-103. I did manage to see 2 of the 9 6er wins and Lefty win the Cy Young at 27-10, but those were small triumphs. These days with coverage of everything all day it's even more depressing to me to see the Flyers shit in their helmets and the Phils under .500. If there is a God, doesn't he/she know I don't have a whole lotta time left to see another World Series win, or another Stanley Cup, or a Superbowl winner? Am I that big of an asshole? Wait, don't answer the last one.

Since it's less than 3 weeks ‘til the Meet 'N' Greet II, let me dwell on the positive. It won't take long. I have no doubt Freddy Galvis will have a long, solid major league career. He will continue to learn to hit better and that's all you can ask of him. Worst case scenario for him is he will be a switch hitting Wilson Valdez, with a higher average and more power, and that won't suck. I wonder if he can pitch?

Chooch... what can you say about him other than wow? I honestly love that man, 110% effort day in and day out. I'll be beside myself if he isn't on the All Star team this year. Prediction: 106 RBI for him this year, lord knows we need it. I swear if he gets any better I am going to force all 4 of my kids, at gunpoint, to change their names to Carlos Ruiz Scardefield. Hint: keep an eye on for the breaking news stories about a crazed ex-mailman going postal on his kids for not changing their names.

Unfortunately now we go to the downside. First, can somebody please bitch-slap Cholly into remembering how to manage? Second, will Chase *EVER* play again? Third, will Ry Ry make it back before the trade deadline? RAJ is already considering selling, which makes my preseason prediction of no acquisitions by the deadline almost a lock. Fourth, and maybe the one that hurts the most, is what happened to HP3? He forgot how to catch? I'm now including him in my offer to teach Howard how to hit again as well. Please Phillies give me 2 weeks with both of these guys, and Ry Ry will hit to left again with power and Pence will lay off eye high fastballs. I shit you not, I could do this. And the farm system is bare... let's save that for another time.

Now comes the enigma that troubles me most. Why is Thome orbiting Neptune? Someone please help me out here, the man looks lost. Let me enlighten you guys on something that could have been. Before the Phils signed Thome they talked to Jason Giambi, someone who *CAN* play the field and still hit. Wanna know why they didn't sign him? He wanted 3 years and would have settled for 2 to move from CO. Digest that for a minute. Here are his stats this year:

Does that not look better than Thome's? I love the man but shit Giambi can still play 1B. I bet RAJ is rethinking this one big time. Yeah Thome agreed to 1 year but... ugh.
Well kiddies now you know why my fingers are numb and it took this long to write something. I can't do BillSwink'd and Wriz already has the piece of the year. So when you see me at the Meet'N'Greet 6/3 don't expect me to be any different unless the Phils win 12 in a row sometime between now and then. I just don't have the energy to see anything else. I'll even leave pitching (who the fuck is in the bullpen anymore?) until the next time.

So with a rum and coke in one hand and Bud Light Platinum in the other, LET'S GET BUNTED.
NetFather aka Bill S

At NetFathers age its probably Carpal Tunnel


  1. If you really must know, it's not Carpal. I've had surgery on both hands for Dupuytren's Contracture:

  2. Carpal Tunnel sounded funnier. I used artisic license.

  3. you need to give your wrist a break bro!