Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fan Appreciation

Happy Tuesday Bunters!

Maybe you’ve heard… the Phillies have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs?

Tonight our most beloved Fightins begin their final regular season home stand at Citizens Bank Park. What an AMAZING ride it’s been. I woke up this morning with this blog on my mind. What do I write about here? Dissection of the atrocious series loss to St. Louis that ended last night? I think I’ll pass. Let’s just blame it on the al-al-alcohol the boys drank after winning their fifth straight NL East division title on Saturday. Never had a two day hangover? TRUST ME, it happens. Honestly, I can’t help feeling a tad nostalgic at the season of 2011 already. My mind is completely blown that this Thursday will be the last time I will get to see the Phillies at CBP in the regular season.

There’s been more than ample talk of the postseason since pitchers and catchers reported to Clearwater in February. Shit, there has been non-stop talk of this very moment since December 14th when Clifton Phifer re-signed with the Phils. This was a team of destiny. THE team of our generation. Possibly the greatest pitching staff ever (or maybe were just biased). But here we are, 5 ½ months later… And it’s only about to get FUNNER.

Many fans believe that anything less than a World Series win is a let down. WOW. I don’t know that I’d go that far. Not to tackle the “Negadelphia” thing again, but come on guys. That’s a bit much. The stakes are high for this team. I think we all feel that, with the pressure undoubtedly magnified for Charlie Manuel. How much this team buys into the hype I can’t even try to predict. I’d like to think Charlie will keep them grounded, that they will continue to have fun and stay focused during each game while quietly tallying up wins during the NLDS and NLCS.

I’m still on board for the 2011 World Series champs, trust me. But no matter how this season ends, it will always be etched in my mind as one of the greatest rides of my life. I will admit that I am guilty of counting down to September like so many other fans have, starting with the first pitch by Doc Halladay on that cold, snowy season-opening April 1st afternoon. Now that its here, I almost wish I could go back and do it all over again. No matter who remains/who we sign for next year, it’s hard to even conceptualize another season like the one we are closing out right now. That’s why its tough for me to swallow the notion that anything less than a World Series win is a bust. Fans… appreciate what you’re seeing regardless of how it ends. You may never get to witness this again in your lives.

The Phillies (98-54) open their last regular season home stand today against the crumb-bum Washington Nationals (72-79). You may insert your own Jayson Werth joke here. Maybe their record IS the only joke needed anymore.

Kendrick (8-6; 3.22) starts today’s doubleheader against the Nats’ Ross Detwiler (2-5; 3.76). Clifton Phifer (16-7; 2.38) gets the nod for the 7:05 start against Tom Milone (1-0; 4.60).

For those of you with tickets to Wednesdays game, Vance Worley (11-2; 2.85) will man the hill against Brad Peacock (1-0; 1.42), with Thursdays “fan appreciation” game giving us “Little Roy” Oswalt (8-9; 3.66) to duel it out with John Lannan (9-13; 3.68).

And that’s it folks. The next time some you sit your asses down in seats at CBP - after the end of Thursdays “win” – we’ll be in the playoffs.

Hold on to your hats Bitches.
See ya next week!


  1. Who the fuck is Brad Peacoack and Tom Milone?

  2. I once had a hangover that lasted 3 days. Zima is evil!