Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Phillies are Class, New York is Ass

WOW! That's all you can say. Who new a month ago the last game of the season would have so much drama. The Phillies had it wrapped up for awhile but as a baseball fan how could the regular season end on a higher note? The Rays win in extras after being down 7-0 in the 8th inning. Joe Girardi should be ashamed of himself. The Yankees had a 1 run lead in the 9th, he has the greatest closer in the history of the game and he doesn't use him. Hopefully the baseball Gods pay back that smug ass clown in the playoffs. Sweet justice would be a Rays victory over the Yankees in the ALCS. By the time the game was over there wasn't a Yankees player on the field with a number under 50. Scrubs galore. Pena, Golson, Dickerson, Romine? Can anyone pick these stiffs out of a lineup? I know Greg Golson used to play for the Phils, but it seemed like Girardi was trying to stick it to the Red Sox. Bush league stuff with both New York teams today, the Yanks half ass it and Jose Reyes gets a bunt single then comes out of the game to win a batting title. Can we get an asterisk next to Reyes name?

The Fightin' Phils win 102! New franchise record, that and they eliminated the Braves from the post season. Epic collapse. 8 1/2 game lead on September 1st. A Tomahawk Choke if there ever was one. Congratulations to Charlie Manuel, he passes the Gene Mauch, speaking of choking, as the all time winningest manager in Phillies history. Great job during this amazing run Charlie. Nice job keeping your integrity by playing to win, you could have laid down like the Yankees.

Did anyone else notice the Phillies/Braves game was 2 innings ahead of the Yankees/Rays game? The American league blows; let's hope the Phillies kick some American League ass in a few weeks. Speaking of blowing, what happened to the Red Sox? They couldn't beat the Orioles in a 3 game series? Another epic collapse. Glad to see it, the Sox fans may be the biggest douche bag fans on the planet. When they come to Citizens Bank Park they walk around with their heads up their ass. Screw you Red Sox nation, you make Mets fans look classy. Is it me or does Jonathon Papelbon look like he's blowing kisses to the batter before each pitch? He should have a fun off season after blowing that game. Boston may have a new 'Buckner'.

It's about to get a whole lot funner.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. MANUEL... Charlie MANUEL lol. And I thought I told you never to mention that name Mauch again...

  2. Sorry Bill, I was drunk with Pennant race baseball.