Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vanimal or Lil' Roy?

Vanimal or Lil' Roy? That is the Question.

I was dreading writing my blog this week. I looked at the calendar and realized Sunday was 9/11. I think I'm like most Americans, It's too soon for me to talk about or write about the day that changed us all forever. 10 years? Can't talk about it, check back with me in 50. If I keep writing about that fateful day my keyboard will short out. There are two things that will instantly bring tears to my eyes, thinking about 9/11 and hearing Harry call the last out of the 2008 World Series. Tears of joy or tears of gut wrenching, unaddressed pain? I'll take 'Tears of Joy' for $1,000 Alex. So since this blog is a fun distraction, let me move on to talking about the greatest team in Phillies history.

The Magic # is 7 with 20 games to play. For all the doom and gloom old heads that keep reminding me of 1964, chill. This isn't a one division National League, I wish it was, the Phillies would be 7 wins or Braves losses away from the World Series. Only one National League team with at least 94 wins has failed to make the playoffs since the 'Wild Card' format was introduced in 1994. I don't think Charlie will pull a panic move like going to a 2 man rotation for the final 10 games. My Dad tells me Gene Mauch blew that pennant, I wasn't born yet so I'll have to take his word for it. That brings me to the debate that's going around. Oswalt or Worley as your 4th starter for the playoffs?

I'll end the debate right now. It will be Roy Oswalt. Charlie likes veteran guys. Roy Oswalt is also a proven playoff pitcher, he was the 2005 NLCS MVP. Oswalt's record in September and October is a ridiculous 32-9. His era is 2.78. He pitches best on the biggest stage. He has pitched in a World Series before. He has also proven over a much longer period that he's a quality Major league pitcher, his career record is 157-91. I love Vance Worley, the kid has been amazing. Has he lost a game yet? And I'm by no means saying he should not be on the playoff roster. He would get the call before Joe Blanton and Kyle Kendrick as my playoff long relief guy. Worley is better suited to go to the bullpen then Oswalt. Charlie is simply putting his talent were it will give him the best chance of winning.

***Bonus 'Stump The Fans' Question. Can you name the National League team that failed to make the playoffs with at least 94 wins in the Wild Card era?

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Bonus question: Giants with over 100 wins

    You are correct about Oswalt, it's his spot to lose.

    Don't ever mention that fucking Mauch name again ever, I want that man DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!

  2. My Dad feels the same way about Gene Mauch, Bill. Also, its not the Giants. Guess again.

  3. You are absolutely right. I'd take veteran experience esp when Oswalt is so good in the playoffs, over youth any day. Worley is good but Oswalt is better.

  4. Thanks Marilee. No guess on the Stump the Fans question?

  5. You got it Bill. The Reds had 96 wins in 1999, but finished behind the Mets in the Wild Card.

  6. at this point in time i'd go with Blanton before Oswalt, but i'll settle for Vance Romance!