Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Worley > Oswalt

Happy Tuesday Bunters!

Magic #5!

I thought Id start off today with a little positivity… because last nights game was anything BUT.

There is NO need to sound the alarms people! With the sweep of Atlanta and winning 3 of 4 games in Milwaukee, the Phillies have gone above and beyond proving they are ready to campaign long through the postseason. I know the Bunts readers get that, yet reading some of the comments by other “fans” on various websites only solidifies DB29’s view that we live in the City of Negadelphia.

However - contrary to DB29’s view that Oswalt deserves the 4th starter spot… I think last nights performance will just amplify Worley’s chance at making the starting rotation. I know Charlie leans on the side of experience but how can you not believe that Worley has earned that spot? If you think about it, the 4th starter will only start twice through October. Who do YOU feel more comfortable with handling those 2 starts? At this time, I’d have to say Worley (if not for his awesome as hell hair alone, LOL). Oswalt should sit alongside Blanton, Lidge, Bastardo and Madson… in the pen.


Oswalt’s return to Houston didn’t quite turn out he (or we) anticipated against former Phil Bret Myers (4-13; 4.66) and the 50-97 Astros. Oswalt went 7 innings, allowing 11 hits with Houston earning 5 runs. Oswalt didn’t have a particularly terrible outing… Just not quite on par for someone whose chances at a starter spot in the postseason in questionable.

The Phils 50th loss of the season wasn’t one sided; as a whole the team turned out a sloppy effort. Howard and Shane both went 0-4. Pence went 2-4, with each at bat receiving less applause from his former home crowd as the evening progressed. We DID get to the see the return of Big Joe Blanton last night (I’m sure you were all holding your breath for that). Blanton hasn’t pitched a game since mid May. I think people missed the “Fat Joe” jokes more than they missed him on the hill.

With the Astros season quickly coming to an end, maybe the Phils felt this would be a good time to take a mini-break during the hectic 33 game stretch through September. How else do you explain a loss to a team that is 48 games under .500??

Hollywood Hamels (14-7; 2.60) takes the mound at 8:05 tonight against J.A. Happ (remember him? 5-15; 5.77). GO FIGHTINS!

Does Pete Orr need his eyes checked?! Two collisions within one week?!


<3 CHASE <3 is making his return!! Looks like he'll be back with the team THURSDAY, after his second ImPACT test showed he has no lingering effects from last weeks concussion. I can sleep well tonight :-)



  1. Yo, did anyone catch when the bug(?) flew in Orrs mouth during his AB in the 9th. Hilarious!

  2. You dare doubt my baseball expertise DiamondGirl? Where is the 'Unfriend' button? LOL!

  3. I think having the vet Oswalt come in off the bench in a pressure situation would be much better than having the young kid Worley come in to pitch.... I am a fan of having Worley be the 4th starter....