Sunday, September 4, 2011

Negadelphia In Full Effect

Gary Cobb dubbed our city 'Negadelphia' years ago. He said Philadelphia sports fans always seemed to dwell on the negative. I never really bought it until recently. Water cooler talk at my place of employment always turns to the local sports teams. I have noticed when the Phillies are brought up the subject quickly changes. Here are some recent examples. "How about the Phillies getting to 42 games above .500?” response, "The Phillies are doing good but I'm worried about the Eagles offensive line." I also heard, "It seems like the Phils haven't lost a game since they got Hunter Pence.", response, "The Phillies are gonna win the division but who is the Eagles back up Quarterback?” Does the conversation turn to the Eagles because people like football more? I don't think so; I think something else is going on.

Almost all sports conversations center around one thing, how can we make our team better? It's usually, 'Why did they do that in that situation?’ Like, 'why did Charlie bring David Herndon in to the game last night?’ The way the Fightin' Phils have rolled recently you can't second guess. Maybe Charlie was listening to WIP's wall to wall Eagles coverage and wanted to give us something to talk about. Think about it, how many conversations about any sports teams are positive? I'm the biggest Phillies fan I know but I would rather post about how Chris Wheeler shouldn't be able to call a Little League game than tell the world Ryan Howard will soon become only the 7th player ever to accumulate 800 RBI's over a 6 year period. Thanks for bringing that stat to my attention cdubsallstar12, Howard joins players like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. That may be too positive so please don't tune out. I'm getting to my point.

This is the best Phillies team ever. Let's enjoy them. We will have plenty of teams in the future we can complain about, you know they will get us back in our comfort zone soon enough. This Phillies team does not need to be fixed. We can get back to complaining about the Eagles special teams in early November, after we get over our post parade hangovers.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Thought I'd toss this in DB... people are already taking for granted we're in the playoffs, and hell, prolly in the WS too. If Phils talk gets interrupted by Eagle talk it's because everything is still a blur in Eagles nation, and all new and happening now. Don't get too pissed, I also bleed Eagle green as soon as baseball is over and will switch to my Eagle jersey wall pic.

    FWIW, I just put on my brand new red and white Phil's titanium tornado necklace. I don't expect them to lose another game hahahahahahaha.

  2. I just shit my pants and left my dirty underwear on this blog.

  3. You may be right Bill, I just think sports talk seems to trend toward the negative.