Monday, September 26, 2011

Flip the Switch

All together now! WHEEEEWWW! We can all breath again. The Phillies offense wakes up. Roy Halladay didn't forget how to be the best pitcher in baseball. Hunter Pence didn't forget how to catch a fly ball. The Phillies defense isn't as bad as it has looked in the last week. Step away from the edge of the bridge. Make room for the Eagles fans. The Dog Killer's broken hand = broken season. Three games in and the Dream Team looks more like a nightmare. Watching an Andy Reid lead team is like watching the same movie over and over and expecting a different ending. The Phillies are a veteran team, the oldest in the Majors. Five straight division titles, if any team can 'Flip the Switch' and turn it on in the playoffs, it's this team. There is no need to worry, save that for Sundays when your watching the Birds.

The 1987 Twins lost 5 in a row after clinching the AL Central, they went on to win the World Series. I like the Phillies chances in the NLCS, Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Halladay, Lee, vs the D-Backs. The D-Backs are the 2007 Phillies, a good young team that isn't ready for a deep playoff run. Kirk Gibson is probably going to win the NL Manager of the Year. He has done a great job and is very deserving. I just see the D-Backs as a team that will be happy to have made the playoffs. Does anyone think the Phillies can't handle the Brewers or Braves in the NLCS? The Braves should hang on to the Wild Card, unless the Phils put a hurting on them in the final series.

Charlie ran out a Split Squad Spring Training lineup for a bunch of games last week. I'm the biggest Phillies geek I know after Jay Wrizight and I'll bet 'The Wriz' never heard of Erik Kratz before last week. Uncle Chollie must have bet 10 large on the Mets yesterday, how else can you explain the fact that he brought David Herndon into the game yesterday? That's a sure fire way to make a 3-0 lead evaporate. Let's calm down, pay no mind to what happens the rest of the pre playoffs season. Hit the fast forward button, let's play some meaningful baseball. Pardon me, CJ Hood, let me quote Billy Joe Armstrong, "Wake me up when September ends".

One more thing, the new rule in the NFL where every scoring play is reviewed stinks more than my feet. Keep Instant replay out of baseball, why give Joe West more ways to screw up a game?

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. As per Todd Zolecki "Just did some math: David Herndon has a 1.98 ERA since April (10 earned runs in 45 1/3 innings)."

    Maybe thats why he was in the game?

  2. As the late, great Richie Ashburn used to say..."Hard to believe Wriz, hard to believe."

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