Monday, September 5, 2011

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Just what I Feared?

I'm sitting here, still having NOT seen the play that was protested, but pissed off to the max. Traditionally for the last 5-6 years Sept is when the Phils catch fire and own the division. I almost wish we were 3-4 games back, but the next 3 days will tell when <UGH> ATL comes to town. For whatever reason, we play down to, and suck at, the level of shit teams lately like FL and WSH. Last time I wrote it was the same shit. I want some inspiration to write to that puts me in a much better mood.
Yeah, we can agree Herndon isn't popular but for the most part he's pitched decently the last couple weeks. *BUT* I want to know why, exactly, it is that Lidge wasn't brought in today instead of him. Sorry, I still believe in Brad Lidge. I guess this means that I am starting to doubt Chollie and Dubee and that will keep me up at night. At my age, I have enough sleep problems and arrhythmia's to deal with so I don't need or want this one. But the point is at this exact spot in the season we should be stepping up, kicking ass, and taking names so that by Sept 15 we have clinched the best record and home field throughout, and the expanded roster can get some much needed AB's and experience for Oct. So you're probably asking really, WTF's the difference if they do it now or later?

Tell ya why. Most people who read this know I'm in AZ. I just got done watching the Dbacks *FINISH OFF* the Giants, in SF, in what may be the most important series of their season. They lost Friday night, but came back behind their ace Ian Kennedy and today with their # 2 Daniel Hudson.  They left the people in SF in stunned silence. This is an extension of team and their manager Kirk Gibson. I am worried because every day, this Dbacks team gains experience and confidence which I didn't think they were lacking. Their initial surge to get over .500 was no small task, but now they are 20 games over .500 and rolling. More and more it's pointing to an AZ/PHL NLDS. But what I fear is mental momentum approaching Oct. Can anyone say "I remember the 2001 World Series"? I have a fucking DVD of it, enough to cause me even more lost sleep.

So how does this affect Phillies' fans? Dunno about you guys, but because of job status and vacation time status I'm gearing up for an AZ/PHL NLDS and praying I can huff the right socks off to get tickets. Last time I saw the Phils was here in April, and how did that go? Lost 2 of 3, and Cliff gave up 4 homers in one game? This was before AZ went on a 19-2 tear to get into it. And, *OH YEAH*, ... ATL comes to town tomorrow. I expect 2 of 3 or a sweep, then kick ass continually from there. Seriously though... who the fuck really knows?

                               Bill S aka/netfather


  1. Relax Bill, the last time I checked Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling were not in the D-Backs rotation, so it's not like 2001. I would love to see the Phils play them in the NLDS.

  2. Yeah it was almost the same of the NBA recent news, 4 months later after the NBA players denied to play because they were afraid of been poor, it is gonna start again in december 24, i hope it will be good like always.