Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Worry Warts

It’s funny. Some people just need a reason to worry, it seems. I had gotten a plethora of texts this morning asking if I was nervous, worried or afraid. My answer: nope. Facebook friend’s statuses were filled with doom and gloom. You people realize that we are rooting for the Phillies and not the Red Sox or Braves, right?

Now, if I was a Red sox fan, I’d be slamming my fist down on the panic button. They already lost 2 of three to the mighty Baltimore Orioles. The Braves, who were said to be trying to rest their big 3 relievers thru September, are using them EVERY game just trying to stay afloat. Not to mention, Jurrjens and Hanson are still on the disabled list.

The Phillies on the other hand have clinched home field throughout the playoffs. Before the season, I thought they’d get 99 wins. They have 98 now and still have 8 games left.  Who knows what Charlie is thinking, but my plan would have been to rest the starters as much as possible. Then, the last week, play the starting lineup so they can get their timing down only spelling players for injury.

I know they haven’t been hitting, but in the same aspect they starters have only completely filled the lineup once. Oh yeah, they won that game 9-2. I reviewed the lineups starting with the first loss to the Brewers. During those 15 games, they have averaged a lineup with 5.8 starters. (I did, however, include Young John Mayberry as a starter and did not differentiate when he played first or CF so the number should actually be lower.)  Only Shane, Polly and Pence had started more than 10 of those games. Howard and Utley and even JRoll have been hurt but most likely would have been in the lineup had it been necessary.

Don’t forget, they are in the midst of the 33 games in 31 days with no days off stretch. And just finished the most brutal part in which they played 8 games in 6 days. I know it doesn’t make for the most exciting baseball but the Phillies have accomplished everything of importance in the regular season. They won the division and clinched home field. I know 102 wins would be nice, but not at the expense of being able to win 11 games in October. The most important thing now is to be healthy and ready to go in the postseason. Personal and team records can be sacrificed for a ring. A big, shiny, World Mother Fucking Champions ring.

I’m going to the jeweler to get sized, you comin'? Or are you gonna bite your nails and worry like a little bitch? Man up!

See ya at the ball park!

Jay Wrizight


  1. Regardless of their record, clinching the NL East & getting home field advantage, they should be playing better ball this month. Ibanez seems like the only starter getting the bat on the ball. Most of the JV squad have had significant playing time (except for Orr & Kratz)so that's not a solid excuse. I don't mind them losing as much as I do not scoring any runs.

  2. @h*double...With all due respect...SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is Spring Training 2.0. If your scared get a dog.

  3. you go by're scared bro. i'm just concerned.