Thursday, March 24, 2011

Five Guys & A Ball…..

With much anticipation over the upcoming 2011 baseball season; it is with great honor that I present to you, my 2011 Philadelphia Phillies season predictions. 

There are many aspects I take into consideration while making my predictions.  It is a finely tuned recipe. Part intuition mixed with part statistical analysis and a dash of common sense.  My handicap is typically (+/-) 3 games. (ie..for 2010 I predicted 96 wins, they finished the regular season with 97)

We have an amazing rotation, thank you Captain Obvious!  We are coming into what will be a historical season. I am betting on each of the Aces to carry a 20+ win season and each to maintain a < 2.61 ERA. Allow me to break the pitching down:
Halladay: Two time Cy Young winner, the man is a machine. Everyone worries about his stamina after pitching 250 innings last season.  Please!  Have you seen this guy?  The only reason he broke a sweat during his perfect game in Florida was because of the humidity.  Meanwhile, winter 2011, the outdoor temps in Philly read 5 degrees.  This man is outside in shorts and a t-shirt running wind sprints. In 2010, he actually managed to be better than everyone anticipated.  Roy H. is precise, consistent and continually blows us away.  

Lee:  2008 Cy Young winner. I believe his biological parent’s are Jesus and Nolan Ryan. He is so fluid. So graceful. His form is nearly flawless. Chin to the plate consistently. He can make a grown man cry, and a grown woman need to change her panties.  He makes me say, “Werth who?”  Lee has played the roll of  the pitcher who got away, involved in a love affair with a legion of phaithful phans. Lee is a strike thrower. When the ball comes to the plate, he is always to the corners and down. That is skill.

Oswalt: Roy O. has voiced his consideration of retirement at the end of the 2011 season.  He has finished in the top five Cy Young noms, five times in his career. Well seasoned on the mound.  Roy is confident, accurate and ready to prove his worth. He is also a new fan favorite after his outfield performance last season in Philadelphia!!

Hamels: My pick for 2011 NL Cy Young. Hamels has gone from a little monster in a children’s fairytale to a mystical four-pitch beast. He shows up to spring training and throws his first session in mid season form! Cole is also only 27yrs old. He will continue to feed off of his mentors….and remember, his best days are yet to come.

Blanton: Ah. Joe. Yeah, he has a WS Ring. Yeah, he must feel like Jesus’ less successful brother.  He does have talent.  Joe can go deep. He was very inconsistent last year, and an early season injury delayed his development. I feel he will benefit greatly from the four horseman leading Charlie’s Disciples. It will only make him stronger.

The Bullpen:
2011 is the year we rebuild the previously named “Bridge To Lidge.” Mad Dog is a fantastic set-up, and promises no temper tantrums this year. Lidge came to spring training 100% healthy for the first time since 2008.  He has since experienced some soreness in his bicep and shoulder. If he can remain healthy, this will be a near perfect season for Brad. He has his confidence back, which is the hardest to regain after an injury.  The middle relievers are all average….which is all that we need when you have the starting rotation we have!

Offense: Really needs to step it up this season.  Everyone has a slump somewhere in their offensive stats.  Let’s just hope the Phillies had synchronized slumps. JRoll is the key.  When he brings the swag, everyone follows.  Let’s get those bats swinging….good pitching does not score you runs!

I predict the Phillies to finish with 116 wins this year, reminiscent of the 2001 Seattle Mariners, only…. we take it all. The Phab Phour will each carry 20+ wins.  Why, you ask? Since they won 97 games last year with 4/5 of the pitching talent they have this season and ¾ of the team on the DL at one time or another….I’m looking forward to a strong year all around.  I am anticipating the offense riding the wave of excitement and feeding off of the pitching induced high.  The Phils could hold many NL/MLB records this season. The rest of the NL East is mediocre at best.  The only ones who can beat these guys are themselves.  They have proven they are mentally vulnerable. On the other hand, they have proven their resilience. I am banking on a parade down Broad Street this fall.  We have the team to beat. Anything less would be an epic failure.

~ KimberLee


  1. 100% healthy? Chase Utley. Dom Brown. I love your optimism but we don't even know the Opening Day lineup.

  2. I'm a wee bit concerned with the offense myself but I don't think we'll really find out how everyone gels until the open of the regular season. I have my hopes high that they can do well. With an excellent starting rotation, they should rally behind them. I know one thing. I'm really excited for 2011 regular season to begin. Go Phils!

  3. Keep the faith KimberLee. Cole is my pick to win 20 this year. I also agree with you about Jimmy, when he gets on & steals bases the Phillies offense is much better. Nice Job!

  4. Pass the crack pipe please.116 win prediction is a pipe dream honey. This isn't MLB The Show '11 on PS3. The Phils finish in second place to the Braves. Dynasty isn't over. It just never was.


  5. LOL @ Sawksguy9 and the braves....

  6. ****Editor's Note. Sorry Folks that was my fault. KimberLee has some important personal business to attend to and asked me to correct a few things on an article she wrote before the injuries to Uts and Dom Brown. I missed it not KimberLee. I had no idea what to do with her wins prediction.

  7. Ouch!!! I know that made me look like a crackwhore!!! I apologize to all the readers!!! I wrote this at the very beginning of spring training. Due to unexpected recent events, I have been unable to tweak my predictions.
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    If you are interested in helping us help him.....please visit

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    -faith, hope & TREY love
    Kim Grosser