Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let’s get Personal!

Male, 37, college graduate with wonderful sense of humor seeks males and females who enjoy talking, dreaming and LIVING Phillies baseball. I am looking for a strictly platonic relationship as my last Phillies relationship ended badly.

First off, let me say I usually don’t do these things. My friends put me up to it. I can find companions without resorting to the internet, but the bar scene is oh so tired. So, I will give it my best shot. (No pun intended)

  • A well timed double steal
  • Knee buckling 3-2 curveballs
  • 6-4-3 Double plays
  • 5 tool players

  • Runners who don’t take the extra base on a play at the plate
  • Multiple mound visits during the same batter
  • Missing the cut-off man
  • Batters that don't move the runner by hitting to the opposite field

I am a true student of the game. It’s not necessary to be up to my level as I can teach you. And I’m hoping I can learn a few new things from you also. I recently started my own blog and I’ll expect your encouragement and input as well. If things progress I hope one day we can share the intimacy of the best thing ever, a perfectly executed suicide squeeze.

I hope to see you around the ballpark and the blog this year.

Jay Wrizight, but you can call me “The Wriz”


  1. Very creative! I love to chat it up with anyone interested in Phillie baseball. I may not know all the technical aspects of the game as well as stats but the mechanics of the game I know well. I also know about the Phillies players. I'll be dropping by with comments.

  2. I see what you did there, a suicide squeeze is a bunt. Very clever. I'm super pumped about the blog, love what I have read so far. Keep it coming!