Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wriz and His Army Of Assassins has Arrived!

As I embark on the next phase of my blogging career, I feel it is necessary to get a few things clear. First and foremost, I will not re-hash old issues as it still hurts too much. I will say this: The reason I didn’t just fade into the background is: I feel somewhat responsible. Let me explain.  It was a long time ago when I first became aware of my “friend.”  For the purpose of this story I will simply refer to him as “BLC.” I didn’t really know him. I just knew he had a FUCKED up haircut and played baseball.  Years later, we became reacquainted through a mutual friend. We partied a few times and then he asked for a favor. How was I to know the blood the runs through the Wriz’s veins would make Bad Luck Charlie, uh, I mean BLC, feel and act the way he does?  I don’t get the whole tiger thing. It’s just normal to me. I regret the transfusion now.

So why come back? Because the Wriz never disappoints. When I left my last blog, the amount of support I got was actually touching. (And not in the creepy uncle kinda way.) The Wriz’s readers urged him to start his own blog. I wasn’t sure. I figured after a week all would be forgotten. But the support and push to share my greatness persisted. Thus, Phillies Bunts was born. As I recruited help, everyone kept saying, “your blog.” The Wriz doesn’t write for himself. He writes for YOU. It’s not “my” blog.

Now, the Wriz gives you the “heater” on the future. To tell you the truth, while the Wriz is a regular Kreskin when it comes to predicting MLB futures, I have no idea what’s in store for the Phillies Bunts Blog. “Why?” you ask. It’s simple. I put together a team of freakishly talented individuals to bring you the best in Phillies blogging. Over the next week, you will get to know them, but I gave them no guidelines. I told them write what they know and what interest them. I can’t promise that every word will be spelled correctly or that every sentence will be a grammatical masterpiece. I can, however, promise that you will be entertained or informed. You won’t be bored to tears by rearranged Wikipedia pages or rambling drivel.

There is a diverse mix of writers and each one brings some serious credentials. I will leave it up to them to fill you in or not. I have read some of the upcoming work and I am seriously impressed.

I am sure you, yes, you either know the Wriz, know of the Wriz or are friends with one of the writers, so spread the word, so we can make this blog, OUR blog the best and most read Phillies blog.

Glad I got to see ya again!

Jay Wrizight


  1. Props to Lauren C for the logo. If anyone needs a graphic designer let me know I'm put you in touch with her. (And if its in the creepy uncle way thats between you and her.)

  2. Thanks for the mini 'Wriz' fix. The blog looks great. The Wriz lives! Pass the word!

  3. Nice to see another quality piece done! i look quite astonishing as a BOBBLE HEAD might I add!!!!!

  4. i'm very excited to see whats coming in the future, can't wait for more posts!

    and thanks for the shout out :) and p.s. i <3 creepy uncles, hahah

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