Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Crystal Ball Time!

I knew when the world famous Jay Wrizight was starting this blog he would require a predictions piece. Last year, he wrote one for another blog and it was scary accurate. Some of the nuggets he dropped were:
- Roy Halladay would win the NL Cy Young Award. Not going out on a limb there but he got it right.
- Felix Hernandez would win the AL Cy Young Award. Much more impressive.
- The Boston Red Sox would stink up the joint and miss the playoffs. The whole world pencils in the Sox and the Yankees every year. I guess he knew they would be decimated with injuries.
- The truly scary predictions, the Texas Rangers would win the AL West and the San Francisco Giants would win the NL West. We go way back Wriz, the PowerBall and Mega Millions are way up there, can you help a brother out? Lay some winning numbers on me!

I don't expect to come close to that kind of clairvoyance. So for what it's worth, here are my 2011 predictions.

- NL Cy Young, Cole Hamels. Cole had a nice bounce back year last year, this year he takes a huge step to become an elite pitcher. 20-7 with 232 strikeouts with a 2.78 ERA.

- AL Cy Young, Jon Lester. Lester will be the other 20 game winner in the Majors this year. He will check in with 22 wins.

- NL MVP, Albert Pujols. It's his contract year, plus he's Albert Pujols.

- AL MVP, Robinson Cano. He had a career year last year, but if he comes close to the same numbers this year the NY media will find a way to give him this award.

- AL playoff teams, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Anyone else think that's a stupid way to market that team?) The New York Yankees will take the Wild Card.

- NL playoff teams, Fightin' Phils, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, St Louis Cardinals will take the Wild Card.

- World Series, Phillies vs. Angels, with the Phillies winning a 7 game classic.

One thing I do know is the Citizens Bank Park experience, so here are a few stone cold mortal lock predictions.

- Someone sitting near to you will say "Where is Jayson Werth?"

- More than 1/2 the people in attendance will not realize the Jumbo Tron is new.

- A visiting team home run ball will be thrown back on the field. A ball girl will pick it up and hand it to a kid who has better seats than the idiot that threw it. It's a Wrigley field tradition people, let's stick to our traditions like Taser boy.

- The Mets fans will slither out in the 7th inning when they are getting a beat down.

The over/under for TastyKakes I will consume at the park is 19...You should probably take the over.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Over ALL day. Softest line ever. I need that bookmakers number ASAP!

  2. I like it!! Great job babe!

  3. I have a fan! I hope 'Anonymous'isn't a dude since He or She called me 'babe'.

  4. i'll take the over as well. when i consume mass quantities of krimpets i don't look it as being a's more like i'm supporting the team! f' the giants!

  5. HouseFullOfFunkhausersMarch 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM

    Gotta support the team (said with eyes squinted and in husky mechanic's voice a la David Putty)

  6. I think 19 on the TastyKakes is lowballing it...let's be honest with the prediction...or are we talking each game.

  7. i'll take the uder only because tastykake will cease to exist in 3 how you gonna keep off all that weight you lost???