Friday, March 18, 2011

Hoodwink'd by cj hood

diary of a madman
cj hood  bka h*double aka Bob Frapples
37 ¾ years old
3 kids
resident of PA
education: Master’s Degree
huge fan of the Beastie Boys
1 of my 3 tattoos is of Andre the Giant (8th Wonder of the World)
Phillies fan since the Carter Administration
favorite Phil:  Mike Schmidt 
1st Phils game:  June ‘87 (bought a bootleg Run DMC & Beastie Boys tshirt of the striz-eets of South Philly)
used to watch Phils games on Ch. 29 WTAF
member of the ‘85 (borough) Little League Championship Team
rode a fluorescent green Haro FST back in ‘87
went to college with Jay Wrizight
Charlie's Market shopper of the month (Oct. '94)
was offered a shady record deal by Rodell Records in ‘96 for my hip-hop track “Stylin & Profilin”
favorite movie:  Saturday Night Fever
writing skills equivalent to Bo Diaz' satellite hanging skills.....too soon?
was supposed to be a guest on the Tonight Show ‘til Leno’s ‘yes-men’ snubbed me at the last minute
I once autographed a guitar with the Foo Fighters by convincing the guy I was a member of the band…the guitar was later sold on Ebay!
I’m herpetologist that owns several snakes, lizards, torts and the like. 
got thrown out of backstage party at a Beastie Boys concert cuz I asked the King Adrock for a picture!
I have a semi lucrative career as a part-time standup comic
author of Hoodwink’d at the Phillies Blunt blogspot


  1. I do believe you left out the word "lifter" in the Charlie's Market comment.

  2. so basically youre a freeloader! lol! my kinda blog!

  3. You also left out Rea and Derrick Clerk of the Year Award

  4. Bo Diaz! LMFAO!..."How's it look NAAAAAAAAAHHHH SPLAT!"

  5. Cj hood has a posse!