Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Wanted

Sometimes your day can completely turn around because of the most unlikely things. A complete shit day can turn around in a second when you find a twenty in your spring jacket that you just pulled out of winter storage.  Or the miserable neighbor down the block knocks on your door and says he's got Phils tickets that he can't use. Jackpot!

Well, that's what I'm looking for...a blogging jackpot. Each Saturday, Phillies Bunts will feature "The Spot Starter." The idea behind the feature is that everyone has a funny story they want to share or a gripe they need to get off their chest. You don't need any qualifications just the desire to type out your story. The only requirement is that it must be baseball related. I, nor the Phillies Bunts faithfuls, give two shits about the time you thought you saw Justin Bieber but it turned out to be a flat-chested lesbian or that you hate the fact that you can't buy Pepsi Kona anymore. We do, however, care that you think its OK to walk the winning run to avoid facing Ryan Howard.

So feel free to send your submissions to

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