Thursday, March 17, 2011

Introducing Me….

I can throw a fastball better than most boys. I know how to have fun and splash in puddles instead of whining because it rained at the ballpark. I have hit a ball over the fence.  My favorite color is red, yet I hate apples. I once took down an army of ants with my bare hands. I love to eat cheese, but only on pizza…..

As an avid athlete, lover of Phillies baseball and the married mother of 5 athletic children….I am pleased to introduce myself to the world!

My name is Kim. I am 34. I am what some would consider ‘low maintenance,’ meaning…I am jeans and a t-shirt….ponytail and ball cap….Jeep Wrangler instead of BMW….jean skirt and a jersey….red and black Nike flip-flops over stiletto heels….game tickets versus diamond jewelry….Clearwater in March wins over Cabo in May….and my ‘If I Ever: Top 5 List’ consists of 5 Phillies players. A true guy’s gal.  My husband thinks diamonds would be cheaper, jock wives are pricey!

My claim to Phillies fame happened in Flushings, NY.  Yes, in front of Met’s fans! Due to said actions, I am not allowed in CBP without adult supervision. With good reason; after all, I did strip off my shirt for Cole Hamels…CitiField 2009…in front of my speechless husband. (I was wearing an underarmor sports bra….relax!)  I did get Cole’s undivided attention and several autographs J This was the one and only time I used my female ways to get what I want. 

I am looking forward to predicting, analyzing & reviewing the Phils and explaining why the Mets & Pirates suck and should no longer qualify as MLB teams with everyone!!!



  1. Welcome aboard! BTW for all those interested the Bunts will be running a road trip to Citifield. Entertainment will be provided....jk.

  2. I told ya this blog would be sexy...

  3. Hi Kim. This is Barb Ward. What a delight to be reading your first entry here. Show Philly that us female Phillies fans know much about the sport besides just admiring the physical attributes of the players... which is no doubt fun as well.. Do us female Phillies fans proud. Much success to you and this blog!

  4. Yo Jay Wrizight! This is the one woman on the planet that would prefer you WWII era Wrangler over a BMW! Welcome aboard Kim, I look forward to reading your insights.