Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chase went 5 for 7 with 2 HR's...And other news

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there. I almost forgot to get my weekly piece together since it's my wife's first Mother's Day.

What a crazy week! Navy Seal Team 6 put down that dirty bastard bin Laden. It feels weird to cheer for million dollar athletes when those faceless heroes are walking around somewhere. Great job guys! God bless our military, thanks for keeping us safe.

With all the injuries who would guess the Phillies would be tied for the best record in baseball? And with the Cleveland Indians? Is this just the plot for a 'Major League' sequel? Is Charlie Sheen going to be a September call up? 

Kyle Kendrick and Vance Worley to the rescue. With all the Four Aces talk in the beginning of the year how did these two even get on the field? Also, someone needs to remind Roy Oswalt the Phillies are paying him $25 Million to get batters out, not operate a backhoe.

Ryan Howard is hitting bombs, Placido Polanco is hitting everything. 'The Big Piece' is getting hot, and Polly has been hot since the start of the season. Plus Chase Utley went 5 for 7 with 2 Home Runs in 'Extended Spring Training'. My question is, is 'Extended Spring Training' code for Wiffle Ball or underhand pitching?

How can Cliff Lee strikeout 16 batters in a game and have absolutely no shot at winning the game? The answer...Danys Baez, If you want the opposition to tack on a few runs, he's your man. Can anyone confirm that 'Baez' is Spanish for 'Blows'?

Michael Stutes, Antonio Bastardo and Vance Worely. I thought we traded all our young pitching prospects away to get Lee and Halladay the last two years? Guess not.

Charlie shuffled the top of the lineup this week. He put JRoll back in the leadoff spot followed by Shane and Polly. Charlie had this to say about the move, "Jimmy's hitting real good, Polly's hitting real good." We get it Charlie, we still love you even though you haven't put a coherent sentence together since you been here. Keep doin' what your doin' Uncle Cholly.

The nay sayers will say the Phillies haven't played anyone yet. They played who was on their schedule and took care of business. They are about to be tested with the Marlins, Rockies, Cardinals, Rangers and Reds coming up. They will be fine. Stop looking at their shortcomings and enjoy the ride.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. I didn't realize it was Baez fault the Phillies had no hits while Lee was in the game, or his fault Howard, Francisco and Ibanez all struck out with runners on 2nd and 3rd in the 7th or even his fault they scored ZERO runs.

  2. I said a shot. Baez gave up 2 more runs in the top of the 9th. 3-0 down they have a shot, 5-0 down they have no shot.

  3. i didn't see Friday's game cuz i don't have TCN but it's sad when you pitch the way Lee did and there's no run support. trade Worely for a bat...NOW!