Friday, May 20, 2011

Giambi Juice

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Giambi Juice

-LOLZ @ Yankees!
-Chooch is a shot caller like Puff Daddy!
-Kendrick over Blanton is like having chicken pox instead of swine flu.
-it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing!!!!!
-if I was at last night’s game I would have taken my umbrella and gauged my eyes out!
-Mayberry should start for his arm strength alone.
-for every hit the Phils get in the Rangers series DB29 will do 5 push ups!
-the Phils gave up last night when they sent Cliff Lee to hit for Kendrick.
-I’m turning heel on Francisco (not kayfabe).
-there were more hits in one Mexican soccer match than from the Phils all week.
-f’ the check swing…swing the bat bro!


-my Madson prediction was spot on!
-f’ the Braves!
-What could Brown do for me?  get his ass up 476 N…that’s what!?!
-bring back Worley!
-when Posada golfs, does he go from the 8th green straight to the 10th tee?
-my bad on not recognizing Friday the 13th last week.
-the last time DB29 did 5 push ups Leif Garret was tearing up the charts!
-WTF is a 3 beverage game Wheels?
-those that believe the world’s gonna end Saturday still rent VHS tapes from Blockbuster.
-the above also applies to those who think Jamie Moyer could make a comeback. 

-why was the 2nd Cards game on a 1.5 hr TV delay?
-catch the Real Housewives of the Bronx only on YES!
-I hate the FTD pose Ibanez does when he swings and misses.
-Wriz said Lady Gaga gotta new tour…I liked it under it’s original name “Blond 
-DB29 isn’t sweating the pushups and why should he?
-Phila All Stars Negro league and the powder blue uni’s in 1 series?  RAD!!!
-this week was apparently ‘Squeeze Week‘….another Wheelism.
-What would Jesus do?  not bat Martinez 2nd….that’s for damn sure!!!
-it’s rained the past 5 days in my camp…how ‘bout yours?
-guess who’s cleaning the computer screen while I’m trying to type this?

-Next week's Hoodwink'd will be a Q&A.  Hit me up on Spazbook (cj hood) or email me at with any questions about the Phils, me or life in general.  If I get more than 3 questions then we'll do dis, otherwise it'll be the same bulldish article w/the same lame jokes about sitcoms most of our readers never watched before…let’s get bunted!!!

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  1. Have EMS on call in section 103 tonight & Sunday! Also, a 3 beverage game is any game Wheeler is in the booth.