Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Bucket List

DiamondGirl's article the other day has me thinking. If had the time, the money or, most importantly, actually believed the world was ending on Saturday. What would I do these final days? After careful planning here is my itinerary before "the Rapture" hits on Saturday.

Today: I head up to Cooperstown. Sure, I've been there once before. It was a great trip with my family when I was 12. Now that I'm older many the icons that I grew up idolizing are there now like Schmidt, Carlton, Whitey and Harry. Not to mention Gwynn, Ripkin, Sandberg and Ozzie Smith. Then I'd hop on a plane to Seattle. I've always wanted to see a game at Safeco Field. The Mariners take on the Angels. Jared Weaver is pitching, but more importantly Ichiro plays for the M's. I've never seen him play live and there is no player, not currently on the Phillies, I'd rather see in a Phillies uniform. If the world does end on Saturday, he'd have his lowest batting average of his career at .302!

Thursday: Back to the East Coast and a trip to CitiField for the Mets and Nationals just to laugh at the fools who have spent the last decade getting a preview of hell. Then onto Toronto for the Blue Jays and Rays. Longoria is one of the game's best but this trip is more about visiting Canada. I'd also use one of the hotel rooms to bang Mrs Carter so I could rip out Joe's heart like he did mine on October 23, 1993.

Friday: No day baseball so I'd head to my parents house to have a catch with my Dad. He'd work on my 1989 Jeep instead, but my Mom would come out and show me the new change-up grip she saw on tv. Then, off to Milwaukee. I'd love to end existence with baseball purity (i.e. no interleague and certainly no DH) but Zack Grienke is toeing the rubber. Also, the Wriz will be crossing off the "Billy Brewer Splashdown" from the bucket list.

Saturday aka the end of mankind: It was a tough choice between the White Sox with Mark Buerle on the mound and the KC and St Louis matchup. Ultimately, I've been to Us Cellular Field before and always wanted to go to Kauffman Stadium. At least it is one of the true interleague rivalry games. Then I'll jump on a plane for Citizen's Bank Park. Sure I've been there hundreds of times but I figured I better get to heaven before the line gets too long.

See ya on the other side!
Jay Wrizight

p.s. Feel free to share your bucket list so I have something to read on the plane rides

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  1. I have never been to Wrigley. Gotta get there someday. Maybe I can convince my best baseball pal to make the trip again. I would love to get the call when he can't find the room...Because he's in the wrong hotel. LMFAO!