Friday, May 6, 2011

Cool/Not Cool

Hoodwink’d   by cj hood
Cool/Not Cool

-killing Bin Laden/14 innings with only 2 hits
-Harry’s white loafers/Rosenthal’s red bow tie
-holiday boozing/booing Halladay
-Worley up from Lehigh/Worley going back to Lehigh
-Schooly D/Steady B
-Navy Seals taking out Osama/slipping & saying they killed Obama
-MJ’s sequenced glove/Francisco holding his batting glove 
-interviewing players after the game/mic’ing players during the game
-Cheese steaks/rice cakes
-NCAA Tourney/NBA Playoffs 
-CBP chanting “USA”/calling the ‘soft pretzel’ guy by yelling “yo…esse!”
-Wriz backing Chooch/Turner & Hooch

-Worleys Warriors/Orr’s Oars
-Ibanez' comeback/NFL Lockout
-betting the horses/Bill’s multiple divorces
-Mets’ IOUs/Lowe's DUI
-Oswalt helping his family/Werth helping himself
-Phightans bullpen/DL list
-corn on the cob/Kevin Kolb
-Bastardo/my wife thinking its ‘Bastard’
-Hot Sauce Committee 2/To The 5 Boroughs
-online college commericals with hot girls/WB Mason ads
-Polanco’s bat/Coffey’s fat
-Greg ‘the Hammer’ Valentine’s 4-Figure Leg Lock/Bobby Valentine’s commentating
-Hamel’s triple/Werth bobbling it
-Dom Brown on the mend/Chooch’s back strain
-Rollins’ 350th stolen base/OPEC’s highway robbery
-Cinco de Mayo/chicken salad with not enough mayo
-fanning the Nats/fanning the gnats (thanks Tony)
-open-book tests/Ron Artest
-‘Phillies Bunts’/‘Frank’s Blog Concerning The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team’
-Han Solo & Chewbacca/Shin-Soo Choo and his Sake
-getting ‘bunted/getting bent!!!


  1. Can i Please get the 3.5 minutes it took to read this back? Because I am getting bent!!!

  2. ^^^^^^^^ John Wilt wrote this^^^^^^

  3. hey's some that hit the 'editting room' floor:
    Howard's grandslam/Denny's grandslam
    Amy Fadool/pee'ing in the pool
    Hoodwink'd/posting under Anonymous

  4. Betting horses/Bill's multiple divorces, actually made me LOL! Very funny CJHood!

  5. No way John Wilt wrote that comment. It probably took him a good 15 minutes to read this, not 3.5!

    Nice list! Glad to see Bastardo is cool! Now I can rock the #58 shirsey and maybe earn some street cred.