Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I Hate The American League...Let Me Count The Ways!

Interleague play started this weekend...Yawn. The natural rivalries are ok, Yankees/Mets, Cubs/White Sox, Giants/A's. But do we really need a Toronto Blue Jays/Houston Astros matchup? Really? This is the best MLB can come up with? I know more Interleague games are to come but 75% of them make no sense. It's a decent novelty at best, the less American League I see the better.  Here is why.

The f'in DH! How do the National League and American League have different rules? How did this happen? The American League adopted the ‘Cheater Rule’ in 1973 to increase offense in the hope of increasing attendance. Imagine if the NFL instituted a rule were when a quarterback decided to run everyone froze and the QB was replaced with a running back. You know, they could protect their franchise player with someone who could also run the ball better. That's exactly what the DH rule is, stupid. The game was over 100 years old at the time, why did it need to be fixed? It didn't. The last two Phillies victories were very entertaining, Halladay and Lee doing their thing. Who can't appreciate great pitching? The designated hitter takes all the strategy out of the game. Forget small ball, the American League style is, 'Play for the 3 run bomb'. Situational hitting, sacrifice bunting, pitchers helping themselves, all out the window. I hate the DH, always have, and always will. If Bud Selig ever institutes the DH in the National League I will personally pull a 'Navy Seal Team 6' on his ass.

Why does it seem like all the douche bags in baseball play in the American League? Ok, Jose Reyes still plays in the National League for now, but still. A-Roid, Jorge Posada, Kevin Youkilis, Milton Bradley, oh sorry the Mariners released his angry ass. Speaking of Posada, where does he get off crying about where he is in the lineup with a .160 batting average? Why does he feel the Yankees owe him a spot in the lineup when his numbers make Wilson Valdez look like an All Star? I know what his problem is, he can't adjust to the DH position because he can't talk to the pitcher after every pitch from the bench. So glad his catching days are over, I actually saw this ass clown go to the mound 9 times in one inning. He needs to go away. Maybe he can take the DH rule with him.

My biggest problem with the American League is the National Media thinks it's a superior league. They point to that stupid exhibition in July for proof. What counts most in sports? Championships? In the last 10 years the National League has won five World Series, same as the American League.

I can't wait till June. We get to see the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Baltimore Orioles. I'll be on the edge of my seat...ZZZZZ!

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. While I also hate the DH, I like Interleague play. When the next seasons schedule comes out after when the bobblehead nights are, the next thing I check is the Phils interleague opponents.

  2. I feel you Jay Wrizight, It's cool when the Phils play the Yankees & Sox but who cares about the Royals? MLB is now like every other sport, everyone plays everyone. Interleague play devalued the All Star game & World Series. The unknown added to the excitement. Now the WS can be a rematch from June.

  3. i agree with both...i hate the DH, but like Interleague (if they're good matchups) cuz i get to see players i wouldn't normally see.

  4. What bothers me about interleague play is that it's unbalanced. We went to Yankee Stadium 2 years in a row, yet they haven't been here since 2005. I think the Dead Sox have played in Philly 3 straight years. When was the last time we went to Fenway or Camden Yards?

    I swear the only reason they still have interleague is for Yankees-Mets and Cubs-Sox.

  5. @Ivan DeJesus...The Yankees were in Philly last during the regular season in 2007. That was the series Ryan Howard hit one in the 3rd deck off Mike Mussina. The Phils did play the Red Sox in Fenway last year but it does seem like the Sox come here more often. The Phils haven't been to Camden Yards since 2005, Jim Thome, Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell & Mike Lieberthal ect. It has been a while.