Friday, May 13, 2011

The Curley Howard Shift Shuffle

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
the Curley Howard Shift Shuffle


-Lee put up a sign in the dugout:  BATS WANTED!
-NBA:  Nuthing But A*Holes!
-the only Phil that should have back issues is Polanco cuz he’s carrying the team.
-looks like Lowe sobered up.
-the ‘Howard shift’ is gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
-I thought my Cool/Not Cool piece was f’in tight!
-Empty Net did better than Boucher.
-Blanton is back…and ya know he could never be wack!
-who the f’ is john wilt?
-Phils phried the Phish!
-I’m thrilled, but bewildered at the same time about having the best record in baseball.
-I’ll be in my 60s when the Lakers & Celtics get game again.
-my 6 yr old told me I look like Blanton…time to hit the Shakeweights a little harder.
-Sixers bust + Flyers blowout = more Phils on CSN
-btw…that = Howard Shift (I kid….I loved Brokeback Mountain).
-Sardinha is Hawaiian for “I’m no Chooch” 
-what about Kornhole calling in the closer Clarke?!?
-I got Francisco’s back!

-why won’t Amy Fadool friend me on Facebook?
-Ivan DeJesus could turn water into Schlitz Ice.
-can you pull a hammy in Extended Spring Training?
-J*Roll’s back alright….J*Roll’s back al-right!!!
-hey Halladay…ya mad bro?
-”if you build it, they will come”…didn’t pertain to the Marlins.
-Worley looks like a beefed up Sean Lennon.
-Schneider’s hurt…guess he’ll just have to take it One Day at a Time.
-more Orr less Valdez
-Phils/Fish Series bka Foul Ups, Bleeps & Blunders.
-my kids will be in their 60s when the Sixers get game again!
-tell your peeps to friend the Phillies Bunts Facebook page….Larry Wilcox has more friends than us…WTF?!?
-btw…I didn’t really love Brokeback Mountain, but Will & Grace wasn’t that bad.
-Rockies and Rangers and Reds…oh my!
-go register on and comment on our stuff cuz I’m sick of responding to DiamondGirls’s articles on DB’s behalf so he doesn’t come off like a perv.
-Phils passed the 1st test of their rough road ahead…..let’s get ‘bunted!!!



  1. I thought Cool/Not Cool was f'in tight! I also think the 'Shift' is gay.

  2. maybe Amy Fadool dont like the bad boy rapper persona

  3. leslie guedell was all over my ish!

  4. beefed up Sean Lennon...LOLZ