Monday, May 9, 2011

Kornhole's Alley: 1/2 Eugene Edition

Welcome to Kornhole’s Alley. I’ve been pretty busy lately and I don’t like giving a half ass blog so I asked my friend Eugene to put something together for me in my absence.

Before I post that I wanted to give my thoughts on a few things real fast:

The talk around town is Vance is the next coming of Cy Young. He has looked impressive in his stint with the ball club and he will be a good pitcher in the league but lets not jump the gun here and move Blanton yet. Kyle Kendrick threw a shutout on Saturday. Just sayin’

If Worley could produce an Outfielder with power, by all means I would listen. Get something now while the iron is hot. Remember, Garrett Stephenson started his career 8-0.

Little Roy says not to worry. I’m not worried. He will be fine. He’ll be back later this week and everything will be fine. This is another reason you don’t want to move Blanton. People kill Blanton but seem to forget that the guy is a great second half pitcher.

I’ve seen more coverage of Chase running the bases than news about Osama Bin Laden. It’s good to see though, and when he returns I’d like to see him batting in the two hole to break him and Ryan up.

I have a special guest editorial from my main man, Eugene. I asked Eugene to write a piece this week and from time to time, I may ask him to fill in when I’m busy. I don’t want to rip the readers off by giving a ½ page blog. I like to give you the guy’s content. So here goes nothing.


How would you like to make a Phillies game more affordable?  I’m going to share a little secret I don’t want to spread too much or I’ll lose this new found luxury of saving money.  It’s very simple, and it doesn’t involve anything illegal or doing anything immoral or even having to perform like a dog.

A ticket to the Phillies right now is one of the hottest tickets in town.  Recently, I found a little secret to get tickets below face value and there’s no chance you’ll be ripped off.  Major League Baseball allows Stub Hub to sell tickets legally.  If you go onto Stub Hub between two and three hours before the game starts tickets are being reduced.  Currently I’ve been watching Stub Hub for forty minutes and saw tickets as low as $11 that I would sit in.  Currently looking here are some available tickets

·       Section 314 Row 4. For $13
·       Section 207 row 11 going for $15 each.
·       Section 109 Row 27 for $20 each.
·       Section 146, Row 21 for $15 each.

Now I’ll admit they aren’t all the greatest seats.  I kept out some of the sections that most people wouldn’t want to sit at or the ones that I think are terrible to sit in.  During the time I was watching Stub Hub the tickets went down to $11 several times.  If you check hard enough you can find really good seats for $30 and save a considerable amount of money.  If you want to save even more money to make it cost efficient either take the subway or park in FDR park.  FDR park is free to park in during Phillies games.  Don’t try it during an Eagles game, but as far as I know it’s still free for the Phillies games and I have done this in the past myself. I know for families with children going to games in difficult because the price can get pretty steep, but this is a way to cut costs and still have a great time with good seats.

Thanks Eugene for helping out this week.  Let us continue….


The boys embark on an eight game road trip that takes them to Miami and Atlanta. I predict that the Phillies will draw more people for their first game back May 18th against Colorado than Florida will draw for all three games the Phils play down there this week.

With that said. It’s time to look at the old win-loss prediction. I think the Phils take 2 of 3 from the Fish but then drop 2 of 3 to the Braves over the weekend. I know it’s not a 6-0 record but I have to be realistic. Road trips are tough especially against the division.

I apologize I couldn’t give you more this week but I will get back into the swing of things providing you the two readers with the most entertaining blog on Monday’s anywhere.

And one last special thanks to Eugene for his contribution this week.

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  1. Nice job Kornhole & Eugene. One way I save money when I bring my kids to the game is to stop at Wawa before the game. We load up on drinks and snacks, put them in a freezer bag that fits under the seat. $15 bucks goes a lot further at Wawa then CBP.

  2. i liked the money saving tips....i brought my family to CPB for the first time last year and it cost 5-Large. Granted they were good seats, but i wasn't aware of the free parking. Could all of those last minute Stub Hub tix get picked up at will call?

  3. If i'm not mistaken to buy tix that close to game time you need to use the "print at home feature" which (I think) is about $5.00.

  4. Whats with the bob Ross pinetree background?

  5. The Wriz has high blood pressure. It helps sooth him.

  6. It RAISES my blood pressure.

    Keep Worley.

  7. Weird, I was reading a nature blog that has citizens bank as ITS background

  8. Bob Ross once painted a family portrait of the Funkhausers, work was outstanding except he made us all look like bears.

  9. H.O.F you are lucky you got bears. I commisioned Bob Ross to paint the Wriz as an Arod like centaur but he painted me like a damn twink.

  10. Not THOSE kind of bears sicko.

    Keep Worley and Eugene, trade this Kornhole dude for a bear, yes, THAT kind of bear.