Friday, May 27, 2011

Hood Answers your Burning Questions

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Dear Hoody

Last week I asked you to email me some questions and I gotta hand it to the Bunt’s readers…they came Full Force MD’s!!!  I received so many emails that I might have to split this edition of Hoodwink’d up into 3 pieces like that guy who can’t hold onto a wife did.  Most of the emails were from pervs looking to hookup with Diamond Girl, while others were legitimate Q’s on baseball and the like.  I don’t know how adept I am at giving advice, but hot damn I’m the Wilson Valdez of this blog staff, so let’s dig in!!!

Hey Hoodwink’d,
Do you think Joe Blanton will be traded by the July 31st deadline with Vance Worley taking the 5th spot?
Kyle D.

I think that could have been a possibility before he hit the DL, but now he’s damaged goods.  Plus we all know that Fat Joe is at his best during the 2nd half of the season.  I think Worley should continue honing his skills in Lehigh to possibly be the 5th starter next year or be used as trade bait for a bat!
Dear CJ, 
I read on MySpace that Diamond Girl’s into married guys w/kids who still sleep in Empire Strikes Back bed sheets.  Any truth to that rumor?
Truly Yours,

yo NOTDB29:
I’m not sure what diamond girl looks for in a guy, but my advice to you would be to wash those sheets and stick to the Cinemax After Dark flix (not necessarily in that order).
hola cj, 
¿cuáles son sus pensamientos sobre el juego de la liga inter? 
del sur de Filadelfia 

not sure what you’re askin, but I hope you’re not dissin!
hey cj…
I constantly hear that long toss is the best way to improve velocity. Although I'm not trying to disagree, I have had very positive results through weight lifting. Probably not the conventional method, I chose to lift without throwing much, and still have been able to increase my velocity quite a bit. Now I think I'm ready to add long toss to keep my arm from becoming too tight. I understand the concept of long toss, but I'm unsure of how to start a program. How far ? How many throws? How many days a week? And even maybe a specific program that has work for others. Thanks.
Ed via Facebook

Can I write for the Phillies Bunts?  Do you provide a meal plan?
J. Blanton

yo J,
sure and no…
Dear Mr. O’Reilly:
I would take a bullet for you….Sean Hannity, not so much.  Don’t be serendipitous…LOL.
Hopelessly Devoted,
Elmer Potts
Jupiter FLA

yo Elmer….wrong website ‘mang!!!
This question came in via YouTube:

yo partner:
u mad bro?

Mr. Hood,
Can you please get me a date with Diamond Girl?
@chriswheeler on Twitter

hey wheels:
take a number bro!

Well that's Part I of Dear Hoody.....keep the emails coming kids!!!  Utley & Contreras are back....let's get 'bunted!!!


  1. How does one get "bunted"?

  2. it involves ball bearings and stunt flyin!