Sunday, May 29, 2011

Put A Skirt On Them Why Don't Ya!

Did I miss a memo? When did Posey become the second coming of Johnny Bench? The National media is up to their same old tired tricks. Let's anoint the next 'Great One' with a tiny sample size. Buster Posey has played a total of 160 games of Major League ball and many would enshrine him in Cooperstown if they had their way. It's the Stephen Strasberg syndrome all over again. I actually heard Bob Costas, a true professional that I respect, compare Strasburg to Nolan Ryan. Yo! Media types, Cool your jets! You’re overreacting as usual. I not here to bash Posey and I wish he didn't get hurt. I just don't like were the conversation about changing the rules is going. Let me elaborate.

Baseball has had the fewest rule changes of the four major sports over the last 100 years. There is a reason for that, they got it pretty much right from the beginning. Why does everyone want to turn Major League Baseball into the NFL? Think about it, the NFL changes major rules almost every year. Where teams kick off, what will and won't be called a penalty, Overtime in the playoffs is now different then in the regular season, etc. Don't get me started on the NHL and their regular season overtime loss/shootout stupidity. Most of the NFL rule changes are to protect their franchise players, the quarterback. Is there anyone who doesn't think the rules designed for the quarterback’s safety isn't ridiculous? Last year we saw Trent Cole get flagged for grazing Payton Manning's helmet as he passed by. Manning probably didn't even feel it. It didn't affect the play. But NFL rule states any blow to a QB's head is a 15 yard penalty. Is it flag football, two hand touch or the NFL?

Contact at the plate is part of the game. Pete Rose played the game the way it was meant to be played. Say what you want about Pete but on the field there was never a tougher competitor. For those of you, who never saw Pete Rose play, think Chase Utley, only way more intense. Pete would and did 'truck' many a catcher. Ask Ray Fosse, Pete essentially ended his career in an All Star game with a crazy collision. To this day, Ray Fosse will tell you it is part of the game. Call me 'Old School' but I want to see baseball played the way Pete played the game. I know Bruce Bochy (a former catcher and recipient of a Pete Rose forearm shiver) has stated he would like the rule changed. Bochy happens to manage the Giants so he is most affected by the loss of Buster Posey. If it happened to Chooch, Bochy would be silent on the matter, you can be sure of that.

Listening to Tim McCarver go on and on how he "doesn't want his Grandson to catch" got me thinking. My son is a catcher. He wears it as a badge of honor. It is the toughest position on the field. Kids have to be mentally tough to play the position and I'm proud to say Cole is. Hey McCarver, there is always ballet for your Grandson.

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  1. I saw on MLB network that alot of catchers have been hurt the last 2 years, my nephew can't run into the catcher in his games. Do you think players can't learn the postition properly because of the different rules?

  2. The rule in Little League is 'Slide or Avoid'. Some kids slide late and there still can be a lot of contact. They don't call catches equipment 'The Tools of Ignorance' for nothing. If you are a catcher, you know the risks. Foul balls to the mask can cause more damage. All in a days work for a catcher.

  3. OK but do you think catchers can't or don't learn how to block the plate without getting injured because the rules in Little League?

  4. I hope your son gets both arms and legs broken in a collision in which he's not blocking the plate and doesn't yet have the ball.