Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Star Scrubs

Bruce Bochy & Derek Jeter Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

The All Star Game is now in the rearview and the Phillies start the second half as the best team in baseball. As fans, we should be overjoyed our top two aces helped clinch home field advantage for the National League in the World Series. You can ask any great baseball mind and they will tell you the Phillies have better then a 50/50 shot to represent the National League in late October. I'm just not happy with the way Bruce Bochy got the 'W'. He used Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee for 2 innings each. Ok, we have the best horses, I get that. Halladay made the American League's best look like a Single A team, Brian Wilson had the best sound bite of the festivities when he called Halladay a 'Cyborg'. Then, Bochy trotted out the hottest pitcher in baseball, Cliff Lee. He had a quick inning so he kept him in for a second. I'm still ok with that. What happened next is what I have a problem with. What other National League team is a threat to the Giants? The second best team in the NL right now are the Atlanta Braves. Bruce Bochy ran out Jair Jurrjens for 2 innings followed by Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters. All while having Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Ryan Voglesong sitting on the bench. He gets a pass on Voglesong because he pitched the Sunday prior. But come on! His guy is a 2 time Cy Young award winner and he can't get a sniff of the field? Bochy also had no intention of using his closer, Brian Wilson in the game. If Joel Hanrahan doesn't struggle in the 9th the Giants pitchers fly back to San Fran in a hermetically sealed packet. The Phillies and Braves pitchers were effectively burned by Bochy while his guys just smiled for the cameras. Bush league Bochy!

Speaking of Bush league, WTF Jeter? I actually broke down and watched an American League game to see you get your 3,000 hit. Man, you did it in style, a Home Run for number 3,000. My only complaint was not enough camera time for your latest bimbo, Minka Kelly. Then, you take a steaming dump on all that good will by skipping the All Star game. Then your scumbag teammates followed suit, Mariano Rivera and CC Sabathia also decided to take a pass. People wonder why everyone outside New York hates the Yankees, this is a perfect example. The entire organization thinks they are better then the game. Baseball is played outside the Bronx and I'm not talking about Yankee road games. Get over yourself. I had mad respect for you, I thought you were unaffected by the Yankee 'aire of superiority'. Guess not. Hopefully losing home field for the World Series won't effect you because your squad lays an egg in the second half. If there are baseball Gods you will be playing game 7 in South Philly. You will only have yourself to blame.

Here we go Bunters! The Fightin' Phils are getting healthy and Mayberry may have finally figured it out. The second half is going to be a fun ride. You also never know what trade deadline magic Rube has up his sleeve. LET'S GO PHILLIES!!!

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. NEED MORE MINKA! And fuck Bochy and Jeter ;)

    Bill S AKA/netfather

  2. When Lee gave up the 2 early runs I started thinking Bochy is the mad genius of baseball. Halladay left early, Jurjjens got lit up and then Lee