Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say What?

My 13 year old son, let's call him CB15, and I were throwing around baseball terms the other day. My wife, who jumped on the Phillies bandwagon in 2008 thought we were speaking a foreign language. This is a list of baseball lingo we came up with off the top of our heads.

Heat, Gas, Cheese, Ol' number 1, Throwing Smoke, Chin music, Bow tie, Brush back, Bean ball, Pulling the string, Dropping the hammer, Popping the glove, Painting the black, Gopher ball, Meat ball, 12 to 6, Balk, Pitchers duel, Payoff pitch, Pitch to contact, Pitch out, K, The bump, 4 seamer, 2 seamer, Cutter, Split Finger, Curve, Slider, Slurve, Slide Piece, Back foot Slider, Bugs Bunny Changeup, Circle Change, Fork ball, Sinker, Screw ball, Knuckle ball, Knuckle Curve, Gyro, Ephus pitch.

Rake, Crush, Hammer, Bomb, Dinger, Grand Salami, Knock, Round Tripper, Hit the cover off the ball, Seeing eye base hit, Texas leaguer, Flair, Line drive, Long gone, That balls outta here, Sawed off, Jammed, Slump, Mix up, Tape measure shot, Going yard, Leaving the yard, Small ball, Swinging for the fences, Good eye, Gapper, Seed,  Back through the box, Power alleys, Frozen rope, Drag bunt, Slug bunt, Butcher boy, Sac fly, Hit and run.

Flashing the leather, Web Gem, Hot corner, Tools of ignorance, Tailor made double play, Around the horn double play, 6-4-3, Robbed, No man's land, Booted, Room service hop, Short hop, Rag arm or 'Francisco', Can o' corn, Scoop, Shag.

Blowing a tire, Sniper got em', Brewhaha, Donnybrook, Send him to the showers, Deuces Wild, Ring him up, Punch out, Bang Bang play, Pickle, Run down, Bases loaded, Bases juiced, Runners at the corners, Battery,  You have a blinker on, Rule 5, Options.

Lastly Bunters, Suicide Squeeze, Safety Squeeze and Squeeze Play. What's the difference? And why is it a Home Run if it hits the 'Foul Pole'? Shouldn't it be called the 'Fair Pole'?
Feel free to comment with lingo we may have missed.
Keep It Classy Philly!
DB29 & CB15


  1. What about those MLB fan's that want to know what they mean? Definitions next week?

  2. Hint: around the horn is 5-4-3 ;)

    Bill S/aka netfather

  3. No pepper Allowed!

  4. Anonymous...I like 'No pepper Allowed'. The other Anonymous...Some quick definitions to the more obscure ones above. Dropping the Hammer is a knee buckling curve ball. Texas Leaguer is a ball that drops in front of an outfielder. Butcher boy is a slug bunt. Tools of Ignorance is catchers equipment. Can O' Corn is a lazy, easily caught fly ball, Blowing a Tire is a guy pulling up lame, or Chipper Jones running the bases. You have a blinker on means a guys pocket is out of his uniform. Balk? Even Balkin Bob Davidson doesn't know what a balk is.