Friday, July 1, 2011


Hoodwink’d    by cj hood

-51-31...’nuff said!
-You’re Welcome Yankees fans!
-UNBELEEVABLE maybe played out, but it doesn’t make it untrue!
-I never really put much faith in stats til the Ibanez-Lackey relationship.
-I could watch Adrian Gonzalez wince after missing Chase’s hit all f’in day.
-BoSox got their asses kicked all over the Keystone State!
-A’s wore the throwback uni’s & were giving away retro-needles in the parking lot.
-Oswalt’s season ended when that tornado hit…sad, but true!
-1 o’clock game and I have a dentist appt at 1:30.…FML!
-Cliff Lee is more beloved in Philly than the cheesesteak and drive-bys.
-NBA lockout? who cares Dave…
-LOL @ the guy or girl who responded to Diamond Girl’s tweet as Wheels.
-When is my wife going to wear her Bunts shirt in public?
-tv in dentist office doesn’t have cable…WTF?
-it was nice to see Michael Jack in the booth.
-D*Brown Redemption:  Get busy running or get busy hitting!

-I’m finally making it to CBP on July 10th…looking forward to a ‘Bunts meet & greet.
-NKOTB had more hits than the BoSox this week!
-Hamel’s is hurt?!!?  FMLAFBTATP (F*ck My Life And My Fantasy Baseball Team  
 And The Phils)
-Stutes & Bastardo got this!
-Fat Joe is like your ‘Aunt Frank’ that no one wants to talk about.
-WB Mason ads straight up suck!
-Dodgers organization is more screwed up than the (Casey) Anthonys!
-give Worley the starting job and go for the bat! (wrote this pre-Hamels injury)
-Chooch and (obviously) Polanco deserve the All Star nod.
-I love Phils injuries like Gov. Corbett loves education.
-Cherry Hill Nissan….your friendly Nissan giant!
-apparently something big happened with the Flyers and somebody’s crying like a b*tch!
-I was feeling bad about my moobs until I gotta look at Tom McCarthy’s set.
-debating whether to wear my ‘Bunts swag or my Chooch shirt on the 10th.
-Hamels to Herndon is like going to bed with Megan Fox and waking up with Meg 
-we got the best record in baseball….let’s get ‘bunted!!!

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  1. The WB Mason commercials do suck! They are slightly better then the ones a few years ago with the 'I want my WB' song.