Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have you voted Yet?

Just a Ridiculous Fan
 There have been many ridiculous players with ridiculous names and ridiculous personalities come and go through the Phillies doghouse… err dug out over the years so we at Phillies Bunts want to celebrate some of those players with our Tournament of 64 Most Ridiculous Phillies!

We are into the 2nd Round and all 4 #1 seeds remain. It’s up to you to decide who will make it into the Sweet 16 which we will announce on All-Star Tuesday. So without further adieu here is the next 4 games to vote on in the Tournament of 64. Make sure you click on the matchup and then vote it’s that easy.

We need your votes otherwise the Wriz will WRig it and choose his favorite Phillie of all time… Von “longest leg stance in history Hayes” and that son of a bitch isn’t even in the tournament.


There is still time to vote on the other 2nd Round Matchups. Again, click on your matchup and vote.



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