Friday, June 3, 2011

Jose is my Holmesboy!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Jose is my Holmesboy!

-I could go longer with Megan Fox than Worley can in a major league game.
-I heard Valdez made a batch of crab fries between the 16 & 17th inning.
-Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Lee & the Unknown Pitcher…respectively. 
-I’m diggin the comeback wins!
-how ‘bout a slow clap for Polanco!
-glad I had the clairvoyance of adding D*Brown to my fantasy team!
-if you like Jose Tabata…and getting caught in the rain!
-once Shane gets off the DL, Voltron will be complete!  
-Phils got spanked in DC like the taxpayers!

-headz hatin’ on Martinez like Vanilla Ice circa ‘92.
-Nix gave the nix to D*Brizicks!
-like the Wriz said and I concur…when the Phils come to town that’s your team’s 
 World Series!!!
-Illadelph needs to disown Will Smith!
-Jose Feliciano will be in a Phils uni before Jose Reyes will.
-Halladay needs to teach Oswalt & Lee how to get pissed off!!!
-the rules of “getting ‘bunted” is similar to Fight Club rules…don’t ask bro!
-I’m glad they added the white fronts to the S&S hats!
-Andrew McCutchen looks like Arabian Prince!
-I can’t believe ABC cancelled V.
-yo Gload!  do something ‘mang!
-somebody compare Bautista’s hat size to last year’s dome piece.
-Rupert Holmes was DB29’s porn name in the 80s, but he only did the ‘soft stuff’ (no pun intended).
-do yourself a favor and get a ‘Bunts tshirt….guaranteed fresh!

-I’m a team player yo, but Utley doesn’t deserve any All Star votes (sorry DG)…
-looks like I picked a bad week to stop blogging.
-Stutes’ wig is ridankulous….copywright that noise!!!
-keep Kendrick on a short leash…a choke chain if you will.
-Ice Cube doing Coors Light commercials is like Bill Cosby peddling St. Ides.
-BREAKING NEWS:  The Phanatic’s on the DL…he’ll be rehabbing in Lehigh (at the Crayola Factory).
-the Presidents Race is mad corny!
-I need one more Jose reference before I wrap this ish up…wait, I think I just did.
-Big Daddy Shane’s back….let’s get ‘bunted!


  1. Nice CJ Hood. I like the Presidents Race. And...LET TEDDY WIN!!!

  2. "Unknown Pitcher" is .500 no matter who it is. The Phillies won and lost the same amount of games for Kendrick, Worley and Blanton.

  3. Bill Cosby pimpin' St. Ides... nice!

  4. its not a diss....Unknown Pitcher is like Unknown one knows who it is!

  5. I cant believe they cancelled V either, but maybe this will open the door for Lisa to do porn.