Monday, June 27, 2011

Kornholes Alley: Fever Pitch Edition

Thanks for sniffing around my Kornhole once again. Let’s not beat around the bush and get to business W style.


The “experts” call this upcoming series with the Red Sox a World Series preview. I call it another series in June. If this were a World Series preview then Cholly would have setup the rotation.

I’m not even sure if one or both teams can make it out of their respective leagues. Remember this Phils fans, this Phillies team will go only as far as the pitching will take it and just last week the staff lost not only Roy Oswalt but also reliable setup man Jose Contreas.

Unlike 2007, the bats will not be the reason this team makes it into the playoffs. It’s going to be pitching and with 40 percent of your rotation on the shelf another injury would devastate it.

Sure, I am overreacting we still have Doc, Lee and the Surfer but those guys don’t win every game as proven this weekend when Cole lost another strong performance.

The Red Sox are having their own issues. Since a 2-10 start they have put it together but recently fell into a little slump losing four in a row and falling behind the Yanks in the AL East.

The Sox are going to be in a dog fight. Tampa and the Yanks will be there every step of the way all year long. The Wild Card will most likely come from the East yet again but you can’t count out Cleveland and Detroit just yet for that slot. Okay, maybe you can.

It’s a long ride between now and October. It would be great for baseball if the Phils and Red Sox played for a World Series but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.


CY YOUNG: Hamels – The Surfer and Doc are neck and neck and since I ripped Cliff Lee into a new Kornhole a few weeks ago he’s stepped it up. YOU’RE WELCOME! But, Cole has been amazing this season. I know Doc closes games and has more wins and by seasons end will be the real Cy Young Award winner but I want to throw the surfer a bone.

ROOKIE: It’s not going to hitter that’s for sure. It’s a no-brainer. Mike Stutes. He has been excellent this season and has earned his spot in the back end of the bullpen. I know people are sucking on Vance Worley’s nuts but I think Vance has the opportunity to be the next Garret Stephenson or J.A. Happ! I’ll take Stutes for now.

MVP: Polanco – I know he’s struggled as of late but the rest of this offense as been so dreadful it’s hard to consider anyone else.


Interleague play continues with three against the Red Sox and then off to Homecoming weekend in Toronto. I think the Sox take 2 of 3 from our Phils and then the Jays do the same.

I think CLIFF BLEEPIN LEE comes back to earth Tuesday and loses but I like Surfer on Thursday. Doc will dominate and possibly throw a no-hitter in Toronto on Saturday but that will be it for this team until they learn to hit. A 2-4 week sucks but this team cannot beat the AL for some reason. The A’s don’t count!

That’ll wrap things up for this edition of Kornhole’s alley. Next week we’ll preview the All-Star game and have a member of the Phillies inside the Kornhole. Don’t forget to email me at


  1. The media always likes to hype these series. The only think I don't like about this series is the Sox fans will take over the park. It's ridiculous, they make Mets fans feel like long lost buddies. No one is cockier then Sox fans. Gave my tickets to my bro-in-law. Let him deal with the chowder heads.

  2. nice cy young pic? who do the phils get at the deadline, and i think RO took himself out to lower his trade value??