Friday, June 17, 2011

3X Dopey!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
3X Dopey!

The recent winning streak inspired me to do something I haven't done since 2 days ago (no not floss)…lay down some super hype rhymes….check it!!!

1-2, 1-2...turn my mic up…
louder, turn the mic up…1-2-3
I can’t hear anything…seriously…1-2...
sibilance…check…turn it up…whatever dawg…here we go…

Yo! they call me Bobby Frap, take no crap
been down with hip-hop before they called it rap
7 in a row; first time since the 80s
when shoulder pads and Aquanet graced all the ladies
Phils got the best record; Bunt’s the best blog
Diamond & DB; Daisy Duke & Boss Hog
Chooch at the plate; palms getting sweaty
givin suckas nightmares just like Freddy
J to the Riz-OLL; D to the Brown and
C Utley all went downtown and
Ryan Howard…my wife calls you Ron.
but Opie Cunningham never ‘went for lawn’
swept the Fish like we were Arthur Treacher
a day/night double header; ya know…a double feature!
Placido is an all star; Ibanez is not
closest he’ll get to Chase Field is the parking lot
and what’s better Shane…your glove or your bat?
cuz you’re a double threat…fans like it like that
Valdez’ is the 10th man, Martinez and Gload
Cholly’s our svengali in any zip code…zip what? zip code…say word, zip code!

(beatbox break)

now I got to break it down about our 4 aces
you know their names and you know their faces
Doc Halladay; Mr Cy Young
smoking batters; give ‘em black lung!
Cliff Lee; some call ya Phifer
back in Illadelph; word to his wifer!
Roy Oswalt is Loc’ed After Dark
cuz he has the best record at CB Park
Cole Hamels’ is on full throttle, but
he looks like a judge from Next Top Model
and ‘Mad Dog’ Madson put ‘cha on a gurney!
even though DB hates you coming out to Journey
John Kruk said the Braves got what it takes!
but my man’s co drunk on Tastykakes
and the Mets…forget it!; the ‘Nats…please
Phightans go thru the East like a social disease
these are laws bro; these aren’t theories
to the playoffs and the World f’in Series
back on the road where West’ll get fronted!
the bats are back, so lets get ‘bunted…’bunted…’bunted…’bunted…

(scratch break)

Shout out to the Wrizzy co’ getting bizzy!
to my man DB29...stylin like Calvin Klein
and Diamond Girl…with all the curls!
and to my man Bill…get a prenup bro…and I’m out!!!

(fade out beat)

Phillies Bunts Records ®


  1. I can't wait to hear a live performance. Nice job Mr. Hood!

  2. Check the mirror
    You're whiter than me dawg
    This ain't Def Poetry jam
    It's supposed to be a baseball blog

    ~The MC to a degree that you can't get in college

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  4. copy & paste yo!