Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things I Can Live Without

The Phils just dropped another game to the Pirates. A four game losing streak. It's baseball and it happens. It doesn't mean I'm not a little salty. Minor annoyances when the Phillies are rolling seem much more glaring when they are stinking up the joint. It's time to vent. Here is a list of things I can live without.

- Michael Martinez - Does he have compromising pictures of Rube or David Montgomery? Or did Chris Wheeler sell him some of his? How is this guy still here? He was a .263 hitter in the minor leagues with no power. He was hitting .184 coming into tonight's game. Am I missing something? I know the Phillies are worried about Chase Utley's health and would like to keep 2 middle infielder but come on. Waive his ass today. Hopefully the Nats take him back, if not send him to Reading or lower.

- JC Romero - He has appeared in 19 games this year. He has allowed a base runner in all but 2 appearances. Plus, sometimes he comes into a game for only one batter. Do the Phillies really need a lefty specialist that can't throw strikes? With the emergence of Antonio Bastardo, Romero can go somewhere else. I appreciate what he did for this club in 2008. Thanks for juicing JC. Maybe you should go back to GNC and get whatever you were using back then. That was the last time you could throw strikes.

- Cowboy Joe West - That pitch to Ben Francisco was outside and low. What's the matter Joe? Does your hotel stop room service at 10:30? You umped the last inning like you had a meal to catch. You reminded me of the old days tonight, when you had it in for the Phillies. Jim Fregosi is no longer here Joe, call it right.

- Chris Wheeler - Ok, Wheels gives me ten things a night to complain about but one really grates me. The crying every time a Phillies player pulls up lame or gets hit by a pitch. According to 'Wheels' every time, it's a possible season or career ending injury. Shut the F up Wheels, stick to your 'No Doubles, Middle In' boring schtick.

- Jim Jackson in the radio booth - Love what you do with hockey Jim, you should stick with that. Every time I hear your "GONE..GOOD BYE" Home Run call I wish I was listening to TMac. Not really but it's bad. And so are you at baseball broadcasting.

- Fans who wear both teams apparel - Pick a side nimrod! I would rather sit next to the most obnoxious Mets fan then this loser. Their patented response is "I like both teams". I want to tell them "I hope a shattered bat catches you in the jugular". Did I type that out loud?

- The Phillies waiting till the 9th to do something offensively - It's ok to score in the first 8 innings guys.

Keep It Classy Philly!


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  1. Martinez serves absolutely no purpose. No bat. No glove and no speed. He is spanish tho.