Friday, June 10, 2011

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
I Wish I Was An Oscar Anthony Weiner!

-I don’t know what was worse this week, Bucs taking 2 out of 3 or the Wriz doubting my allegiance to the ‘Bunts.
-Sara Palin needs to get a copy of Licensed to Ill and check out Paul Revere.
-how bout my wife telling me the ‘Bunts shirts didn’t fit my boys, but when I tried them on them they fit fine….something about ‘smoking the competition’ not being appropriate for 1st graders.
-Pirates celebrated the first game win like it was the f’in World Series!
-just contacted my lawyer regarding Anthony Weiner stealing my torso shots to use in his little sexcapade!!!
-RISP stands for Runner Isn’t Seeing Plate.
-I’d pinch hit Hamels or Lee before I would one of the utility guys.
-Congrats to Andrew Amaro for being drafted by the Phils and big ups to George “Costanza” Amaro for being hired as the Phils’ Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.


-sending Mayberry down over Martinez is like trading in a Corvette for a Chevette.
-De La Rosa convinced all the Phils fans who were on the fence just how weak our bats are right now!
-Bob Frapples is to CJ Hood as Shock G is to Humpty Hump.
-Cliff Lee got his groove back like Stella!
-anyone find it funny how Howard peddles Subway Cheesesteaks.
-I was just telling my daughter that J-Roll shouldn’t be batting lead off when he’s been out hurt with...3 RUN HOMERUN!!!!!!!  (never mind hun)
-Damn rain!
-Hamels is the best pitcher in MLB right now…come at me!


-if Rep. Weiner put his dillz on the internets, I hate to see what Rep. Aznyoface is going to do.
-Pirate Parrot has bird flu.
-don’t forget to cast your All Star vote!
-Plaxico knows whats up!
-Wednesday’s giveaway was 'free AC' courtesy of the Dodgers offense.
-am I the only ‘bunter who has yet to go to CBP this season?
-Prince Fielder’s buckin for a promotion!
-we got the Cubs for 4.….let’s get ‘bunted!!!


  1. I told a guy at work before Hollywood's last start, Hamels' is your starting pitcher for the All Star game. Guy said I was a homer. Also, no self respecting Philadelphian would be caught dead eating that nasty Subway cheesesteak. STEVE'S PRINCE OF STEAKS BABY!!!

  2. I agree with you wife, not acceptable for school. The Kingston Bloods may get the wrong idea. But I see no reason they can't wear them to family parties or church.

  3. sad part is there are Bloods in my 'hood. i sent out a MO yesterday Wriz...lace me with the xl. the shirts turned out we need hats, bumper stickers & key chains!