Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mad Dog, Bad Song

Ryan Madson is the Phillies closer now. Being a Major League closer comes great responsibility. You are often asked to finish off a well pitched game. You can't have an off night very often. Madson has done a great job this season getting past the mental hurdle of closing games. I have all the faith in the world in Mad Dog, things like that Geovany Soto bomb the other night will happen. You have this closer thing down kid. Madson has come up short in one regard concerning the closer's role. His choice of entrance song. 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey? This is the best you could come up with? Wasn't that the Giants song last year? I don't know about the rest of you Bunters but the Soprano's Finale ruined that song for me. Billy Wagner had 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. Trevor Hoffman had 'Hells Bells' by AC/DC. Eric Gagne had 'Welcome to the Jungle' by GNR. Speaking of Gangne, has anyone ever fallen as hard after getting off steroids? He went from best closer on the planet, to journeyman relief pitcher to out of baseball overnight. You throw 96 MPH cheese, Mad Dog, and you have that sick disappearing change up. Your entrance song should highlight those points. Intimidate son!

Here are a few suggestions:

Kick Start My Heart by Motley Crue. Probably the best Crue song for an entrance song. It will get the crowd pumped. You have 45,000 nut jobs on your side Mad Dog, use us. We are going to go nuts when the game resumes, get us going early. We can get in the batters head before he even steps to the plate. Citizens Bank Park is the definition of home field advantage, use it.

- Fuel by Metallica. Another tune to get the fans involved. It also has that intimidation factor. You do throw heat, gas, smoke, it all ties in with this song.  Quench our thirst with your gasoline Mad Dog.

- Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool. My personal preference. I want an intimidating song, this is an 'In you face' tune that would work.

Suggestions from Phillies Bunts Nation are welcome. Everyone out there has to have a better song for Madson then 'Don't Stop Believing'. Let's hear what you have to say. Your a closer now, Mad Dog, start acting like one. Just do us a favor, don't grow a douchy beard.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Runnin With The Devil- Van Halen. Just the intro alone!

  2. stick with the local talent...Schooly D: Parkside 5-2!

  3. I like it Anonymous! Anything with Eddie Van Halen playing guitar is 'Entrance Song' worthy.

  4. Unbreak my Heart by Toni Braxton. It was broken too many times by Lidge the last two years.

  5. Maneater? Hall and Oates!
    Hmmmmm... Maybe not :-/

  6. I was at the game today, when they started to play 'Don't Stop Believing' there was absolutely no buzz. They might as well play a Lawrence Welk polka.

  7. Will it be you? By Saga

    Great chorus:

    "If you bring some you know I'll have one better,
    What you want to know I'll own forever"