Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Market(ing Dept) is Closed!

The Phillies Marketing Department, Asleep at the Wheel

The Oakland Athletics are in town this weekend. The prodigal franchise returns. Readers of this blog will remember the great article Eugene put together asking, 'What If?'. What if the A's never left after the 1954 season? If you haven't read it yet, you should. It is probably the best researched article to ever grace this blog. The A's returned to their old stomping grounds for only the second time since Interleague play began. You would think the Phillies Marketing Department would take this rare opportunity to break out some cool 'Throwbacks'. It seems every other city does. Milwaukee seems to do it every year when the Phillies play there. Does the Marketing department know that Mitchell & Ness is just a ten minute ride up 12th Street? The Throwback was born in Philly. Why do we have to wait for some other team to come up with the idea that the Phils should wear the greatest uniform any sport, the road baby blues? The answer is the root of all evil, money.
The Phillies already have our money. The park is sold out and will continue to be for a long time. The Phillies Marketing Department must feel like they did their job. The seats are full, let's give our fans the same crap we give them every year. Let's give them a terrible hat on Father's Day they will never wear. What do fans want? They get two Bobble Head games and fireworks, our job is done. Have they even had a marketing meeting in the last few years? I know the 'Giveaways' are never great quality but can they at least change it up? I have received an umbrella, a seat cushion, and a wearable visor at other MLB parks. The Nationals gave out a Batting Practice cap last year on Opening Day that looked authentic.

I know I'm nit picking but who wouldn't like to see the Phils and A's wearing unis from the 30's? It shouldn't be that hard. I bet more then half the people who attend this weekend's games don't even know the A's used to call Philly home. That's another problem I have with Interleague play. Why do the Phils play the A's so infrequently? Baseball is the 'Nostalgia' sport, always looking to it's past. It's what I love about this great game. This series was a great opportunity to step back in time and the Phillies dropped the ball.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Funny thing is that knew enough to advertise in game that they were selling the Philadelphia A's jerseys at the ballpark.

  2. i found a needle in the parking lot. at first i thought it was a giveaway in honor of Canseco and McGwire....good thing i didn't pick it up.