Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Let's Beat the Traffic"...Losers

Happy Father's Day Bunters! As an early Father's Day present, my wonderful wife gave me tickets for last Wednesday's game. To refresh your memory, it was the second game of the day/night doubleheader vs the Marlins. Halladay was on the mound, but more importantly my new guy, SW29, would be attending his first Phillies game. The wifey, who is also a pretty big Phils fan, had not been to a game since lil SW29's arrival. She was also pumped to come off the BDL (Baby Delivery List). This is not a 'I took my baby to his first game' story. Just to touch on that briefly, he did great. Mommy whipped out the milk fun bags for an inning, otherwise he was just chillin'. My question of the week is, why do people leave games early?

SB29 getting escorted out!

TMac hits us over the head with it every broadcast. The Phillies are the hottest ticket in town. If so, then why do 20% of those in attendance still leave before the game is over? The 'Let's Beat the Traffic' crowd. A large chunk of people left Wednesday night after the 8th inning when the score was 4-2. It was only 9:15. They were down 2 runs. What is better then seeing you team tie or walk off in the bottom of the 9th? I guess these knuckleheads will never know. Do these same people leave movies early? Does the conversation with the person their with go something like this? "This movie is now 2 hours long. Michael just agreed to be Connie's baby's Godfather. Look they are walking into the church. Nothing else is gonna happen. Let's beat the traffic." The great 'Wriz' brought up a good point. He said "What if the people who left had attended both games Wednesday?" Good point Wriz, but it was too many for it to be 'Doubleheader' fatigue.

There are always reasons to leave a game early. Acceptable reasons are.

- You are attending a night game and you need to be up for work at 4am. You have a responsibility to get that quality Pepperidge Farms bread on the shelves.

- You are attending a day game and it's 105 in the shade, only problem is you are in the sun. That and you have easy access to a pool.

- You are attending a game with small children and they are keeping everyone around them from enjoying the game. By all means go.

I have been lucky enough to have a partial plan since Citizens Bank Park opened. I can count on one hand the times I have left early. I don't understand why you would pay hard earned money not to see how the game turned out. I can't attend every game, so give me a hard luck story why I should lay some tickets on you Bunters. You know, your kid hasn't been to a game. You can't afford tickets right now because your out of work. I will give you tickets I can't use on one condition. You can't leave early. I don't care if its so late Valdez is pitching, Oswalt's playing left field, Charlie is pinch hitting and Rich Dubee is selling Bunts tees in the stands. Be a gamer, see how the game ends.

Keep It Classy Philliy!



  1. What if...all of a sudden you started getting a searing, shooting pain in your left hip that you couldn't explain? You tried to walk it off to no avail, changed sitting positions, no. DAMN! this is your birthday gift and you can't enjoy it for the pain. You've got the best seats you've ever had at the park...still ouch. Do you leave? Go to the ER? What? Plus we've got the most annoying fans in back of us explaining ever nuance of the game of baseball to each other. Yes, I was one of those people Wednesday night! The hip pain victim was the Phillies fan, my husband. He regrets leaving so much I can't stand hearing about it anymore. He has an appointment at Rothman Ortho. Tuesday AM and is still in pain. Physically and emotionally! We were properly ashamed of ourselves

  2. I met SB29 and he is so cute! A good boy like that would never make you leave the Phillies game:( But he could provide you with an excuse to leave a pool party....JK! JK! don't get mad at me anyone!

  3. I admit it. I was one of those people who USED to leave early, but I had to be at work at 11:00pm and had to go home first, let the dog out, shower, etc. Unfortunately/fortunately I am now unemployed. I was at that very game and kept saying how lucky I was to be able to stay. My father used to say that they were the same folks who left Mass right after they got their Communion. Happy Father's Day. Don't beat the traffic, be the traffic.

  4. If your appoint isn't until Tuesday I don't understand why you left....I kid. Hope his appointment goes well.

    And i have to be IN WORK at 4 am, so typically i don't go to night games, but if i do I stay til they play High Hopes.

  5. Anonymous...If your appendix is about to bust, it's ok to skip out early. I hope your husband is well.