Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wrizless Wednesday: DiamondGirl Edition!

Happy Summer Bunters! I hope everyone enjoyed their unofficial start to Summer 2011. This week will be a short one from me as I am unofficially on 'vacation' back home in the Illadelph.

In case you missed the memo... Day-um has it been hot... Kinda like those Phillies bats, eh? Well, until tonight anyway (pout).

Last time we met, I published a heartfelt ode to the one and only Chase Utley. All obsessions aside - its hard to dispute the effects he has had on this team within a week of his return. I won't turn this into a Valentine to Chase (YES Funkhauser, I DO stalk 'much') but its hard to ignore the difference in Phillies  final scores since the 2B has been back.

Whatever 'je ne said quoi' Utley brings to the dugout its nothing short of impressive. His leadership amongst the team is apparent, and should he stay healthy continue throughout the season.

In the past week, the Fightin Phils have faced the hated Mets and now the last place, Werthless Nationals.

On Memorial Day, Halladay pitched an atypical outing, going 7 innings with 10 hits, 4 runs/3 HR's; the Phils were able to help Halladay earn the win via 2 runs scored in the 7th. What a hot, humid late May game in our nations capital proved was that Doc Halladay is human. What happened today, as Cliff Lee took to the mound for a mere 6 innings against the Nats proves that no matter how good the pitching rotation is even a last place team can creep up and do the unexpected. Consider that last time Halladay and Lee pitched against the Nats... Both went complete games while pitching stellar performances. Unfortunately, Lee didn't have the run support needed to rally back: Brown and Mayberry's runs were the only two scored in a less than exciting evening of Phillies baseball.

I'm not saying in anyway that having Utley back is the answer to our offenses weak 2011 performances to date. But having the bats show up when your pitching has been off its mark is what is supposed  to happen. Halladay struggled Monday and the team rallied for the W. Lee struggled very early Tuesday (5- 0 by the 3rd) with no support and lost to the NATIONALS 10-2.

Its games like tonight where the Phillies should have had an easy W.

Anyone heading out to Pittsburgh this weekend? In case you haven't heard Kendrick has been named to start on Saturday. I don't know how I feel about this. Ok. I do... But I need to stay positive.
Hope to see you out there!

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  1. Pirates swept the Phils last year, so Kendrick better be on a short leash...word to Astro!

  2. Well... Hopefully they will play the Pirates better than they did thd Nats. Can't believe they dropped another today.

  3. They should have made Kyle Kendrick wear a bee keepers mask in that pic. Like Howard Stern makes Gary 'BabaBooey' Dell'Abate wear when he has a chick on the 'Sybian'.