Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Save the Date

October 19th, 2011.
So close yet so damn far away.

Fear not, Phillies Bunts faithful. At 7:05 this very evening we may get a small taste of what life should be like on 10/19/2011.

I'm sure each and every one of you has that date circled in big, fat red marker on your calendars, right? Ummmm.. RIGHT?

Bunters - that glorious evening will bring the opening night of the 107th Fall Classic (chills literally went up my spine as I wrote that, true story). And while I know we have the entire summer to get through... I can't help but join in on the hype over the 3game home stand  against the Boston Red Sox that may indeed be a precursor to the 2011 World Series.

Our 49-30 Fightins will need to be tossing their best tonight as Clifton Phifer matches up against Josh Beckett and the 45-32 Bo Sox in what should be a gem of a series. Statistically, the two teams should match up well as the Phillies are in command of not only the best record in MLB but arguably the best pitching rotation, while Boston is holding onto the leagues third place amongst wins and the best batting average in all of MLB.

I know many are not impressed with inter league play but how can even the most pessimistic anti-interleague baseball fan NOT want to tune into this series? Not only are these two teams steeped in rich baseball history but both blue collar cities are known for their passionate, avid fans who actually KNOW their game, team and players (take that Rays fans). Phillies and Sox fans live and breathe their teams through good, bad and unbelievably ugly seasons (kiss my ass "Yankees" fans). Through the drought years both the Phillies and Sox played before a well stocked crowd in their respective stadiums (something those poor Cleveland players didn't even get when they surprisingly came out with a fight early this season). This series - in my humble opinion Bunters - is what baseball is truly about. Great teams, great players and great cities.

Early this season I predicted the Philadelphia Phillies to meet the Boston Red Sox on October 19, 2011 for the 107th Fall Classic. I think this old school duel will prove to be a hell of a match up both this week and hopefully once again in October...  and maybe even settle the 'pitching team vs hitting team' debate Phils fans have been into so much this season as our offense has proven sporadic yet our pitching remains strong. I also think the effect these two teams will have on baseball overall is priceless. How often had we cringed watching teams play into the early fall weeks that had no fan base?

So while we have a long way to go until October 19th, I say enjoy what could be one epic preview of the 2011World Series because the next time these two teams meet you will be most likely have traded your swimsuits for sweatshirts -and how depressing is THAT?

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-xo DiamondGirl215


  1. You said the Phillies have arguably the best rotation in baseball. There is no argument. Even without Oswalt it's still the best rotation in baseball. Everyone is in a panic with the loss of Osawlt, "We lost an ace". The Phillies still have 2 more aces then most teams. As much as I don't care for Interleague play, I'm pumped for this series.

  2. DB29 is two faced about interleague play!