Saturday, July 9, 2011

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: It's break time(almost)

What do I see from way out here you ask? Well, a little and a lot. By a little I mean: 1) we have the best record in baseball, which even the most average fan expected even though they might not admit it. 2) 3 All Star pitchers, not a stretch for anyone's imagination. 3) Charlie leaving Danny Ozark in the dust for number of wins as a Phillie, also expected. 4) Ruben saying(and meaning) he thought we were okay and didn't need to hunt down a RH big bat or relievers. At times, that was a stretch, but guess what, once again he's looking a lot like Pat Gillick used to.

By a lot... wowza where to start. Okay, so far this year I think Charlie is doing his best ever job of managing a shitload of bodies. At last count, at least 10 players off the opening day roster have had major stints on the DL. I mean shit, who knew Wilson Valdez was really a closer, or that Stutes and Bastardo were studs, or Juan Perez could throw a 9 pitch perfect inning? Hollywood looks like the 08 MVP, Doc is Doc(who should have at least 13 wins already if not more) and Clifton is Clifton. But Oswalt and Blanton have been down, thus we find The Vanimal and even Kendrick kicks in. Really, who knew? WTF else are they hiding up there in Iron Pig country?

More of a lot... what's up with the offense? Hot/cold, on/off, wishey/washey, kickass/forshit, WTF? We go back to Charlie mixing and matching healthy bodies and wondering when the real batting order is gonna step up. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the feeling that RAUUUUUULLL is going to end his Phillie's contract with a last half of a season the resembles the first half of a season he had here? My biggest worry is whether or not Howard will remember how to crush an outside fastball like he used to. My best friend was on a cruise last fall and met Bronson Arroyo on it. They talked baseball and Bronson told my bud he couldn't believe Howard can't catch up to the outside fastball. Granted right now he has more than his own share of problems(Arroyo) but that struck a nerve. Think about it. Cut down the swing, go to left, and kill the shift he always sees. Couldn't hurt the average or much else. He did it last night, it's not impossible.

What it boils down to is this, the second half is gonna be fucking special. I can smell it in the air even way out here. Even devoid of decent cheesesteaks and pizza, I can still smell it. Dubee and Cholly have my attention, utmost respect, and trust that the job will get done. I don't think we've yet dominated like we can and 100+ wins is still what we all expect and is NOT a stretch. Now the ONLY question that remains is... will I finally get to see my first World Series game?

Bill AKA/Netfather

Who knew Bill had friends like this?


  1. If (When) the Phillies make the World Series, if you don't make a game I will fly to Arizona and bitch slap the shit outta thw Netfather.

  2. Nice job Bill! Keep them coming.