Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what about when it is broke, how long do you wait to fix it? The MLB All-Star game is probably the sports best and easiest way to attract new fans and win back some that have lost their way. There is no NFL, NBA, or even NHL to compete against and, year after year, they completely drop the ball.

Although I am not a huge proponent of fan voting, it does have its merits. It sparks fan interest and particularly with casual fans and younger fans who hopefully will become more avid fans. One change I’d like to see is to vote for pitchers. Each team can designate 2 pitchers from their team. They may choose a starter and a reliever or 2 starters or 2 relievers. 

I’m glad they recognized the HR Derby was wack and are trying to rectify it, but I’m not sure the “team concept” is the way to go. I watched Josh Hamilton put on the most dynamic display of power hitting I’ve ever seen in 2008. His 28 in the first round were more than any Derby competitor hit in the entire night. He lost.  In fact, it was more than any competitor in the event history hit in one night except one, the Phillies Bobby Abreu.

Next, the game starts too late. Last year, the first pitch was thrown after 9pm so the game won’t be over until midnight or later. That’s too late for me. It’s too late for my grandmother and I dunno, CJ Hood how late can you kids stay up in the summer?

The biggest problem is that the game is played for home field advantage in the World Series. So basically, a guy on a team that’s already 15 games out to start July could determine whether or not the Phillies have home field advantage in October. And more importantly determine if the DH will be used 3 or 4 times in a 7 game series. Which leads me to my next point, whether or not the DH is used the game it unfairly tilted to the AL. Why? The size of the rosters eliminates the need for pitchers to bat. Over the past 10 All Star games, pitchers have batted a combined 4 times. Two were in the 2002 game which started this ruckus because the game ended in a tie when the teams ran out of players and the other 2 instances were when the early runs sent the pitcher to the plate in the first or second inning. No need for double switches or sacrifices.  Trim the rosters to 25 same as any ML ball club. I would consider allowing players to re-enter the game once if the game were to go extra innings otherwise its business as usual. This would of course eliminate the requirement that each team be represented. It is the All Star game, not the Gaby Sanchez is our only decent player game.

The Final Vote is a good idea it keeps the interest going up until the All-Star break starts. It stays. Maybe to appease the teams with out a representative the Final Vote could put a player from each team without an all star in the mix. You want an All Star, Kansas City? You got one more chance to vote him in.

Finally, the Futures Game is one of the best ideas the MLB has come up with, but how many of you have ever seen it? I am a baseball junkie. I’ve never seen the game only highlights. It will be on Sunday at 6 pm, while games are still being played. Even if batting practice and the HR Derby takes precedence can’t the game be moved to Wednesday night in prime time?

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight


  1. my kids don't have a specific bed time in the summer, but they do start to get annoying around 1pm.

  2. Your right Wriz! Howard gets lost again in the numbers game at 1st. In 2007 he led all MLB in Home Runs at the break & didn't make the team. This year he's near the top of the NL in RBI and he will be watching the game on TV like the rest of us. That is if its not past his bed time.

  3. Howard doesn't deserve an All Star nod any more than Dave Kingman deserves to be in the HOF. You shrink the rosters your taking 2 first baseman and even if there was no fan vote, I'm still going Votto and Fielder. BTW DB29 i hope thats some Subway cheesesteak sauce in the corner of your mouth.