Friday, July 8, 2011

Florida: The Bulldish State!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Florida:  The Bulldish State!
-we (white people) won!
-Phils can’t seem to seal the deal.
-Yo Rauch!  You mad bro?
-Doc gets bigger props in Toronto than syrup.
-when Encarnacion hit that long ball the cock crowed 3X.
-Yo if Kemp falls over…he ain’t getting up.
-Should have kept Kendrick in!
-that black ump w/red mustache is terrible!
-Marlins series was filled with foul ups, bleeps & blunders as per usual.
-George Foster is the ugliest man to ever play MLB…come at me!
-Trade Baez for a bag of balls.
-Casey’s out looking for the real killers.
-those that think the Marlins deserve a new stadium also believe we’ll have to pay 
 for Facebook.
-guess who's dusting off the computer desk?
-Martinez must have naked pictures of RAJ.
- “Damn that white girl gotta way wit murder.” -OJ Simpson


-Hey, look at that…Ibanez remembered to take his bat on this road trip!
-HUUUUGE event in Philly this weekend…I’m talking about the ‘Bunts Meet & Greet.
-Doc, Lee & Hamels got this!
-check Casey out on the “Porn & Celebrity Rehab 2011 Summer Tour!”
-Yo Buck!  You mad bro?
-trade Worley for a solid bat.
-DB loves Ryan Howard like Lynda Goodfriend loved Ron Howard.
-D*Brown can’t catch a break!
-every time T-Mac mentioned the word ‘birthday’ I did a shot…I was hammered by BP.
-I hope you voted for Shane.
-my wife finally wore her ‘Bunts shirt.
-I think Mayberry should stick around.
-I’ll watch more Fox News than I will the All Star game.
-Anyone catch Wheels bitchin’ about Ramirez?
-f’ the BoSox series…this weekend’s the real deal!
-Casey’s got 99 problems, but a kid ain’t one!
-I’m finally going to CBP on Sunday…..let’s get ‘bunted!!!

Yo ‘Buntamaniacs living in the Philly/NJ area:  Email Mike @ and tell him to you want to see cj hood do stand-up at Currans in Palmyra.  Please be polite…he’s good peeps!  Thanks.


  1. That Ump's name is Kerwin Danley. They should put him with, Laz Diaz, Scott Barry & 'Balkin' Bob Davidson on the same crew. That way you would have a terribly umped series every 16 or so.

  2. Sorry, Hood, I'mma go with Willie McGee.