Thursday, July 7, 2011

WDGR on the AM Dial

I am a technology and social media dork. There, I said it.

At any given time, you could probably find me playing on my blackberry, iTouch or laptop… if not all 3 at once. I have Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Tumblr accounts, and somewhere out there a Myspace page I haven’t logged in to for maybe 4 or so years.  My graduate-level courses are online, I write for a Phillies blog site (duh!) and I have become lazy enough in my ripe old age of 32 ¾ that I even prefer to shop via the interwebs.
For as much traveling as I do, I have to rely heavily on websites, radio and social media to keep me updated on the goings on of the world when I am not able to catch up via TV news. This proves to be especially hard in regards to following my beloved Phils.
Something as simple as catching the home TV broadcast of the Phillies isn’t anything I take for granted anymore. For me, gone are the days of getting home after a long day at the office and having my dinners with T Mac, Wheels and Sarge (at least for a few years anyway). Every once in a while the MLB network will allow me the pleasure of having our broadcast team to watch when I’m away from Philly. Even when I AM home I have to rely on some other form of broadcast since I am not there enough to justify paying an outrageous Comcast bill. Thankfully, my laptop and blackberry can allow me to stream the games as twitter and facebook give me the running commentary of my friends and fellow Fightin’s fans (or “Chris Wheeler” tweets) when I’m out of town.

But I will admit – there are times that I want to tune out from the TV, laptop and blackberry and just zone the hell, go for a walk or chill out in the yard or park. I mean, isn’t this what SUMMER is all about anyway??? Of course, following the Phillies is a big part of summer also. When I officially become technology and social media’d OUT, I tune in via one of the oldest communication methods – the radio. In my opinion, Phillies radio broadcasts are completely under rated.

When I was a kid, I remember my Pop taking me to the playground in the summertime with my brother. Since both my parents worked, my grandparents would us during those lazy summer afternoons and evenings. My grand mom would usher us out of the house after dinner so she could clean up and my Pop would bring a small radio and beach chair to tune in to the Phils radio broadcasts while my brother and I tired ourselves out. There was something so simple yet satisfying to me those evenings that are forever etched into my mind.

I started this article last night while sitting in my small yard in Fishtown. It was a beautiful Philadelphia summer evening and I refused to spend it locked up in the house. Armed with radio and laptop, I pulled out a camping chair and set up shop outside.

I was tuned in to Franzke and L.A. who were talking about the Phils potential sweep of the Marlins and whether or not T Mac actually owned a boat while enjoying a warm breeze and a cold beer. Its funny how much you have to use your own imagination when listening to a radio broadcast, and I will spare you the details of what Chase Utley was wearing when he came up to the plate. TV and online streams are awesome to watch games but sitting in front of a screen all day long just isn’t always mentally stimulating to me.

We know how the sweep situation turned out (ughhhhhhh) and no, I didn’t get to see the controversial call on Dom Brown and 2nd  base.  I did, however, get to see my first lightning bug of the season which was pretty cool. Sometimes it’s good to shut down the TV’s, laptops and blackberry’s and let your imagination go wild. Trust me, the vision of Chase Utley I created…. Ohhhhhh, nevermind.

Have a great week!

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  1. Nice piece DiamondGirl. Baseball on the radio is the soundtrack of summer.