Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet, Greet & Repeat!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Meet, Greet & Repeat!

I’m sure my fellow Buntamaniacs are sick of hearing about the 1st Annual ‘Bunts Meet & Greet at CBP last Sunday…but f’ it, one more review won‘t kill ya!  The media blitz surrounding this event could only be compared to Tiffany’s Mall Tour circa ‘86.  Below are some of the highlights…

Top 25 Things Overheard at the 1st Annual Phillies Bunts Meet & Greet:
25.  “Are you going to eat that?”  -Wheels
24.  “Can I have a beer?”  -Hood
23.  “So we start grinding and shit…”  -J. Wilt
22.  “Yeah, I’m not doing anything Tuesday night.”  -D. Jeter
21.  “What’s Phillies Bunts?”  -old lady fan in Holiday Inn parking lot
20.  “I think you gave Doug Diamond Girls shirt by accident.” -Hood 
19.  “I don’t read that sh*t!” -Phils fan w/cheesy mustache
18.  “Personally, I think you funnier.” -DB29
17.  “Hold me up for a keg stand.”  -Sarge
16.  “I think I’m going to start playing today.”  -M. Martinez

3 The Hard Way

15.  “I’ll take the Phils & the over.”  -D. Lowe
14.  “Wheels just double dipped.”  -Wriz
13.  “I’ll take another one…”  -Hood
12.  “I tell the pretty ones I’m divorced and the ugly ones I’m separated.” -J. Wilt
11.  “Money’s overrated.” -C. Lopez (google it)

w/my buddy Nick

10.  “You’ll have 35 more Facebook fans by tonight!”  -old lady fan
9.   “Tickets!!!”  -scalper who looked like Junkyard Dog
8.  “There’s too many kids at this Meet & Greet.”  -C. Anthony
7.  “You’re not drinking are you?”  -Mrs. Hood (via text)
6.  “You think Wriz would sign my t*ts?”  -T*Mac
5.  “Money’s overrated.” -M. Attanasio (google it)
4.  “Those beers are going, going, going, going, going GONE…WOW!” -C. Berman
3.  “You know Pistachio Girl?”  -Wriz
2.  “Just one more and I gotta go.”  -Hood
1.  “What does Diamond Girl smell like?”  -Wheels

-We're gonna have home field advantage in the Fall.....let's get 'bunted!!!


  1. For accuracy the lady group in the Holiday Inn lot were 'Glenside Moms are OUTA HERE!' Can't wait for the next meet & greet.

  2. I happily oblige ALL autograph requests but I had to tell TMac to wait until Sept and its not so hot as the sharpie would work against his sweaty man boobs