Tuesday, July 12, 2011

*Damn It Feels Good to be a Phils Fan*


Is it hot enough for you? Seems like I went to bed on Earth last night but woke up living on the SUN (bah dum dah). Ok, I’ll leave the (half-assed) jokes to the fellas of this blog because I’m really not all that funny.

WOW, what an AMAZING few days in Fightins-land! Last we met, the Phils were about to start a series against the Tomahawk Chumps and boy did it NOT disappoint. Each game offered Phils fans a little something special that resulted in the series win over the 2nd place Atlanta Braves.
Friday’s game started Doc Halladay with another commanding performance yet ended with the 1st MLB win for former Iron Pigs reliever Juan Perez. Not only was it his 1st WIN in the majors but he did it striking out the side on just 9 pitches in the 10th. Saturdays game may have tacked on one of very few loses we have had to contend with so far this year but I’m going to go on record as saying that the game on July 9th has produced one of the most memorable moments of the season to date: the first HR for one Clifton Phifer Lee (Lee for MAYOR!). I mean seriously, what the hell can’t this guy DO??? We learned Clifton Phifer could hit upon his first run in Philadelphia and figured it was only a matter of time before he went yard, but did you SEE that baby?! Yowzers. July 9 was a great day for baseball fans. It was my dads 53rd birthday too, and I tried to convince Daddy-o that the baseball gods served that bad Larry up for his birthday. Maybe, maybe not but nonetheless, it was pretty friggin' awesome. Oh yeah, and some dude from the Yankees got his 3,000th hit. OK, yeah I’m impressed but seriously… Derek Jeter is no Cliff Lee (ha-ha). I don’t think I need to get too detailed with Sunday’s game because if you didn’t watch it then you missed out on a game of epic proportions. Hollywood Hamels received his 11th win of the season, Michael Martinez pulled off a catch that made The Wriz almost retract his anti-Martinez campaign and the offense dished up 20 hits and 14 runs over 9 innings. Not a bad way to start the All Star break: 57-34, 3.5 games up over the Chumps. I’m sure this weekends series has done nothing more but whetted our hunger for the post season. Relax Bunters, for we are already halfway there.
Like most have expected, Halladay takes the NL All Star team starting P spot tonight. Three of our aces were awarded spots on the NL roster, along with nods to Polly and Shane (both who will not play because of injuries). If that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, I don’t know what will. I know a lot of people have lost interest in the all star game, and I know a lot of people don’t like how the voting goes or that a game win actually means something nowadays. While I do miss the days of having to vote via punch tickets to get your player into the game while at the park only, I don’t see much of an issue with the all star game meaning something. Personally, I think it adds a little bit to the game. Why would a player with no shot at making the postseason want to help his respective league/rivals win? Maybe I am a sucker but I think simply because of love of the game and respect for its players. Yeah, I know not only am I not funny but I am a gullible sucker. I’m a baseball purist who thinks every Major Leaguer should know they have the greatest job in the world and should play because of love of the game (I heard that snicker, jerk). Call me crazy. Everyone else does. I would give my left ovary for a shot in the big leagues because to me being a baseball player is the greatest job there is, and being named to the All Star game is a big deal. But, I’m just a girl, so I’ll live in my world of unicorns, butterflies and bedazzled Phillies caps, dreaming that all the players sing Kumbaya and hold hands in the locker room while pining over Chase Cameron Utley.

Thanks to all who came out Sunday for the Phillies Bunts Meet and Greet. Oh wait, I wasn’t there. L I promise I will be at the next one, but I have NO DOUBT that The Wriz, DB29 and CJ hood charmed the pants off of you guys. The Wriz told me I was asked about and if he’s not pulling my leg (ha-ha) I want to apologize for not being able to toss a few back with you all. There will be another opportunity this season, I pinky promise. I also want to also thank our readers for supporting the Bunts in our rookie season. I hope the 2nd half will allow us to continue with readership growth as we carve out our individual voices. If you can offer any suggestions, please feel free to let us know.


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  1. Nice DiamondGirl. You missed the Phils fans doing a mocking Tomahawk chop Sunday as they Phils blew the Braves doors off. Very cool.

  2. If the camera adds 10 pounds how many cameras were actually on me for this pic? LMFAO!

  3. You must be the guy on the right.