Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wrap Them in Bubble Wrap

Today is huge. The Phillies Bunts 'Meet and Greet' will take place in the Holiday Inn parking lot prior to today's game. The Wriz, CJ Hood and myself will be there pounding adult beverages, playing Baggo and discussing all topics. There hasn't been a meeting this big since Stalin, Churchill and Truman met at Potsdam post WWII to divide up the world. Stop by if you are attending today's game.

The All Star break is upon us. The Phillies are in first place with the best record in baseball. 5 Phillies, count em', 5 made the All Star team. Back when the Phillies were bad the All Star game was a big deal. This was the one time all year a Phillies player could get National attention. My how things have changed. Now I hope our players don't even get in the game. The fact that Polly and Shane are nicked up could be a blessing in disguise. Neither one looks like they are going to play. Since Bruce Bochy decided to take 3 of his own pitchers let them pitch 3 innings each. 3 for Timmy, 3 for Cain and 3 for Ryan Vogelsong. Ryan Vogelsong? What a joke. I guess 1 inning for Halladay and Lee won't hurt but that's it. It would be Lee's day to throw on the side. Halladay has already said he doesn't want to throw 2 innings, hopefully Bochy respects that.

Some quick takes on the Mid Summer's Classic

- Fan Vote - Keep it! it gets peoples attention. Plus the Phillies have won it a few times. Hell, Victorino has won it twice. It's nice to win.

- Home Run Derby - Lose it! Bobby Abreu is here by crowned the Home Run Derby Champ every year. Nice job screwing up your swing for the rest of your Phillies career Bobby.

- Home Field Advantage - Lose it! Why should Joel Hanrahan have anything to do with home field advantage for the World Series? Him and his Pirate buddies will be watching the World Series on TV like the rest of us. Just plain stupid.

- DH for the game - Lose it! My feelings about the DH are well documented in this blog. With a full bench of players, pitchers rarely hit in this game but I want the DH abolished from every level of baseball.

- At least one player for every team - Keep it! We forget since it's been a while. When your team is bad this could be the highlight of your season.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Meet and Greet was down right awesome. I apologize to those i didn't get to talk with or sign autographs for. We will have another one.

  2. when John Wilt talks ass...i listen.

  3. Great time had by all! And as the great Wriz said, "Epic Beatdown". Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

  4. Aye yo, the Ragu don't seem to recall any invite to this shindig. What gives? Did youse even tell anybody about this or was it sent out by ESP? I'm not psycho you know.

    -big Ragus

  5. We told Sqiggy to give you a heads up. My bad. We sent out invites on facebook, if you dont FB send me your email address and you'll get a personalized email invite.