Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bonus Wriz-amblings!

Another installment just to keep you in the know of the comings and goings of Major League Baseball:

Big news is that there is a good possibility that the playoffs will be expanded to 10 teams which adds one team per league. MLB would still have the lowest percentage of teams make the playoffs from any of the 4 major sports. I guess 162 games aren’t enough to determine the top teams. Reports have 2 scenarios. The players want a 3 game playoff. The owners want a one game “do-or-die” game. Preliminarily, I’m against expanding the playoffs, but the owner’s proposition has some merit.

The new scoreboard is pretty ho-hum if you ask me, but the bobblehead race completely makes it worth the ten mil.

Leake's Mugshot
I have to question Mike Leake’s intelligence. He got caught stealing $10 tees at Macy’s. I’m sure a MLB player could get a few freebies, especially in that price range, with no problem. Besides, he should have known security was going to be hawking him, only chicks shop at Macy’s. Hopefully, his career path will follow Winona Ryder’s who hasn’t a meaningful role in a quality movie since her five-finger discount.

Bug Selig seized control of the Dodgers. I wonder if he’ll try to convince the residents of Los Angeles to pay for a new stadium and then after they do; trade/sell off all the high contracts on the team and cry “small market” team. It is more likely than compelling the Dodger fans to stay through the seventh inning stretch.

I guess the Mets are such a shithole, Selig just doesn’t give a shit.

Ryan Braun is a moron. I know he just signed a $105 million dollar deal, but peep this. That deal doesn’t begin until 2015, In the meantime, the guy is making an average of 9.7 mil over the next 7 years. A far cry from the 18 million Jayson Werth just got. The Hebrew Hammers lowest RBI out put is 97 in his rookie campaign….in just 113 games. Werth’s career HIGH is 99. Anyway, Happy Passover, ya big dummy!

Speaking of holidays, Jason Bay is back from the dead, but unlike Jesus who turned water into wine, Bay couldn’t change the colors on his uniform. Still blue and orange. He’s dumber than Braun.

Josh Hamilton is on the DL. To quote the man himself, “That’s weird.”

CJ Hood was right. Pete Orr has earned himself some more playing time. He has played the OF including 4 starts in Left. I’d say platoon him with Ibanez, but he’s a lefty too. Defensive replacement anyone?

The AL East was supposed to be THE powerhouse division. Only the Yankees are over .500

Think the Twins don’t miss Joe Mauer? They have the fewest wins in ML Baseball. They are tied with the Astros and…surprise surprise! The Mets. They each have seven.

I think her quasi-fame is getting to Pistachio Girl’s head. I swear she started wearing make-up this season.

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See ya at the ball park!

Jay Wrizight


  1. Every time I see or hear 'small market' team I shudder. The ghost of Bill Giles, and he isn't even dead yet.

  2. The editor edited out the part when I said "for once"