Friday, April 15, 2011

Was it Werth it? Let me work it!

Hoodwink'd  by cj hood          
was it Werth it?  let me work it!              
-Howard should give Hudson some bunting lessons.
-Cliff Lee went down to Georgia looking for a game to steal…we all know how that went
-Only the Phillies could have 2 catchers hit homeruns in the same game.
-Hide your chains…it’s Friday!
-remember Chooch’s grandslam when it’s All Star voting time!
-Welcome back (Hamels) your K’s were your ticket out….
-Skip Bayless looks like Larry Dallas’ grandfather.
-Speaking of Carlos I was debating whether to subtitle this blog “2 Catchers…1 bat”
-My grandma said she saw Manny playing canasta on Miami Beach.
-the Ranger’s 3rd base coach has some Jim Jones type cred!
-in Welcome Back Hamels on broadway…the Wriz plays Juan Epstein.                
-I’m “Wheels in the booth with Leslie Gudell & Amy Fadool” excited about this season.
-How do I get a ‘bunts email address?
-now it’s time for a ‘soft rock’ break:

           Oh Manny!  Well you hit cuz the 'roids you were taking
but the Sox sent you away, Oh Manny!
       just being Manny, the rules of the game you were breaking
           Hall of Fame doesn't need you today, oh Manny! 

-Bonds only guilty on 1 charge?  Was Sosa the jury foreman?
-Werth’s performance in this series was like a Tyler Perry sitcom.  Just cuz people were watching doesn’t mean they were paying attention.
-the Red Sox couldn’t win BO (Bingo for idiots).
-yo Hamilton!  Only Pete Rose could pull off a head first slide.
-Props to DB29 for posting from his Blackberry while his wife was in labor…he’s the
 Rosa Parks of blogging.
-the Indians are more overrated than Words with Friends.
-Hamilton couldn’t steal a free sample from Pepperidge Farms.
-a homophobe, a rapist and a shooting guard walk into a bar….bartender goes “hey Kobe 
 can I get an autograph?”
-More people attended the Gaddafi Re-election Rally at the 3rd dune on the left of that really big mountain than at the ‘Nats/Marlins series.
-that last joke sucked.
-Joe Blanton is as much a threat as Mr. Roper is when the rent’s overdue. 
-what other website’s gonna give you two Three’s Company references in the same blog?
-don’t do steroids kids.  Unless you’re going to lie about it to a grand jury…then 
 it’s ok.
-Phils are 9-3 ….let‘s get bunted!!!!    


  1. C'mon Hood. My gold chain is much thicker. Otherwise, I'm a dead ringer.

  2. click on the 9-3 kids....we goin interactive!

  3. lol! wriz i thought you broke out in hives from gold! like the 9-3 link!

  4. I think Jay Wrizight is too follicly challenged to grow the proper 'Jewfro' to acurately portray Epstein. Just sayin'

  5. That's like the rye bread calling the apple cake jewish. Don't you think?

  6. As long as you call me Pepperidge Farms Rye Bread we're cool! Call me any other crappy brand bread & it's on!

  7. enough with the bread talk ladies...