Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“I Hope It Was Werth It"

Washington, D.C. The city that some of the world’s most powerful, influential men and women live and work. The city where the White House stands, where Congress meet and where the Supreme Court upholds the laws of the land.

It is also now known as the city that Jayson Werth calls home (at least throughout the regular season).

Oh yes, you may have heard of Mr. Werth. He was that scraggly dude from California that once played right field for the Fightins. You also may recall that Mr. Werth chose to leave the City of Brotherly love for a 7 year, $126 million dollar contract with the Nationals. That’s right… the NATIONALS. It’s ok, I’ll give you a second to collect yourself. It really IS funny.

What’s NOT funny? That Jayson Werth (undoubtedly a Philadelphia favorite) decided $126 million dollars was impossible to turn down, even if it meant selling his soul to a team that has absolutely ZERO chance at a World Series run. Maybe, dear reader, if that kind of money was offered to us (HA!) we could somewhat understand the pressures of being lured with such a lucrative offer. BUT… Since my feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I have to bust my hump in graduate school just for a shot at the career of my dreams I can’t begin to understand what that sort of offer would feel like.

Around the same time that Werth was saying goodbye to his shot at a third world series with the Phillies, another beloved major leaguer was in fact turning DOWN money to play for the Phils. This guy had a shot to play for 2 other playoff contending teams… yet turned down money to play (once again) in Philadelphia. You DO know who I’m talking about, right?!

Ohhhhhhh Jayson. Jayson, Jayson, Jayson. What happened? You don’t strike me as a political junkie, so I am going to hope there was a better reason for you to abandon Philadelphia for Washington other than for money. Does D.C. offer you more culture? I don’t think the weather is any different there than that of Philadelphia, so it couldn’t be that. Did Chase Utley threaten to cut your boys off? Hmmmmm….

The one thing Philadelphia offered you that you can’t buy anywhere… a shot at winning another world f*@%#g championship. And with that, I’ll take a guy with heart over a douche with money any day. Take THAT to the bank, sucka.
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  1. Awesome and ohh so true :) Great job Diamondgirl

  2. HouseOfFunkhauserApril 12, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    $126 million buys a whole lotta Funkhausers.

  3. I can't blame the guy, $126 mil is a lotta cabbage. He did have to scrape by with the 7 mil the Phillies paid him last year.126 mil for a player that has never had a 100 RBI season is ridiculous. Makes the Howard deal look like a steal.

  4. werth:
    batting .200
    1 RBI
    1 HR
    .705 OPS

    benny "the treat"
    batting .306
    7 RBI
    2 HR
    .903 OPS

    **** i know its early but keep an eye on these numbers as the season continues

  5. Up with Hope, down with Dope!

  6. i dont blame werth, i blame the the nats and poor ownership! the worst part is that of that 120+ contract the nats owners will only pay a portion the other money will come from league rev. oh and they still draw 13k fans a night.

  7. Are you going to post nude pictures of yourself soon?