Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rally Time!

Being a lowly blogger, its not often you can sit down and talk with the movers and shakers of the Phillies universe, but the Wriz snatched an interview with probably the most famous mover and shaker of them all. Only, she isn’t the one doing the moving and shaking. The fans are. It’s, of course, the one and only, Rally Towel!

Jay Wrizight: Is it Mr or Mrs Towel?

Rally Towel:  It’s Mrs. – thanks for asking.  I was mistaken for a “young man” by some of the TV announcers last year, but they’ve since retracted that statement.    

JW: How long have you been a fan of the Phillies?

RT:  I’m a native Philadelphian so being a fan is in my very fiber.  But my phandom hit a new high when I came out of the closet as Rally Towel in October ’09. 

JW: What is your best and worst moments as a Phillies fan? 

RT:  Well, I suppose my best moment(s) would be the same as lots of other fans: games 5A and B of the 08 World Series.  Truly unforgettable.  Worst moment?  When Harry died (yesterday was the anniversary – gotta plan another visit to his gravesite soon).

JW: What is your favorite thing about the Phillies?

RT:   I like that they’re truly a team – we don’t have any A-Rods or Jeters – they seem to understand and appreciate that without each other they’re just ball players – together, they’re THE PHILLIES.  And I credit Charlie for instilling that in them.

JW: Your favorite aspect of Citizens Bank Park?

RT:   I love Ashburn Alley and the S.R.O. crowd – it’s always a party out there – lots of passion for their team and fondness for a certain Towel.  Oh, and the CBP employees are terrific!

JW: How and when did you come up with the idea for Rally Towel?

RT:  Well, in addition to being a Phillies fan, I’m also a big fan of Halloween – my favorite holiday.  So in October 2009 when we were headed to another World Series, I just HAD to make a Phillies-related costume…and I had an epiPhany….I could TOTALLY be a RALLY TOWEL!  Fits my personality….quiet and unassuming, just “hangin’ around” minding my own business, but if we’re down a few runs late in the game, LOOK OUT!!!  The rest, as they say, is history!

JW: Are you machine washable?  Tumble dry low?

RT:  Yes, and Yes!!  My business cards say “Huge 100% cotton Phillies fan, and the league’s only machine-washable mascot!”

JW: Is it especially hot in the summer?

RT:  Yes, I don’t do well in the summer swelter.  I really prefer fall ball – after all, the Phillies are Phabulous in the Phall!

JW: Ever had someone try to use you inappropriately? You know to wipe the sweat from their brow and such?

RT:  I had a rather large, rather inebriated fan literally pick me up and throw me over his shoulder and then spin around.  I appreciate the passion, but I have my limits.

JW: I read somewhere your son wants to be a bed spread when he grows up. Are you OK with that?

RT:  Actually, my son IS grown up (he’s 30) and a “swatch off the old towel,” and according to Mike on Good Day Philadelphia, my husband is a bath mat….So we’re clearly a tightly woven family. 

JW: I’m sure you’ve had some interesting experiences as Rally Towel. Please share one or two.

RT:  Well, it was fun to hang out with Shane last year at Pennridge High School – he was talking to the kids about not texting and driving, and Good Day invited me to come along.  A great guy, and an important message (He autographed the heart on my jersey). Another high point was my visit to Bright House Field for Spring Training this year – the fans were really happy to see me, and I love the atmosphere there – I just soaked it all in.  A tad warm for my liking, but well worth it.

JW:  Any truth to the rumor you have been offered endorsement deals by Tide, Rally’s or Converse?

RT:  I turned them all down… I’m strictly a PHILanthropic towel.  And besides, I use Head and Shoulders – controls the lint.

JW: unwanted in mid-may? When your (family/children/friends) are not being handed out to the incoming crowds at CBP?

RT:  The kids need a rest.  They have fun playing hide and seek in the linen closet, or soaking in the tub, and hanging around the yard.  Then they’re well rested when September rolls around.  A quick fluff in the dryer and they’re ready for action!

JW: When they are being whipped into a frenzy by the Phillies Phaithful and there is lint spraying everywhere does it hurt?

 RT: No pain, no gain my friend!  It’s all in a day’s (or night’s) work for a Rally Towel! 

JW: Speaking of hurting, many people like to claim the bleed their teams colors, but how do you prevent it from happening to you?

RT:  I’m genetically engineered to be colorfast – no worries.

JW: What is your ultimate goal as Rally Towel?

RT:   Last season, I really wanted to meet the Phanatic and dance on the dugout, and I did.  They played “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night” and it was!  Now I’m focused on helping to raise money for various charities.  And if, by chance, I get to walk down Broad Street in the 2011 World Series Parade, that would be just fine by me J. 

JW: Would you ever want to replace the Phillie Phanatic as the Phillies mascot?

RT:  A very emPHATic NO! – He’s the best mascot in all of sport.  He’s one of a kind, and I’d like to get to know him better.  If only I weren’t married….(don’t print that J) 

JW: I’m not sure if you know this but I loathe the Phanatic. I could put the Phillies Bunts Army behind you in an effort to overthrow the green freak. Cool?

RT:  Sorry JW, but in that war, I’d be on HIS SIDE!!

JW To say I'm disappointed is a gross understatement, but i won't let it be a wet blanket on our friendship. I’d like to thank you for your time. When can we expect to see you down at the ballpark?

RT:  You’ll see me at CBP in September.  But in the meantime, I’m taking a bus full of phans to PNC Park in Pittsburgh for the game and fireworks on June 4th.  There’s still room if you or any of your readers want to join us!! 

JW: Well, see ya at the ballpark ….in September!

If you’d like to hang out with Rally Towel on the trip to see the Phils smash the Pirates, drop her an email or if you’d like to hit up the Wriz


  1. hard hitting news're the Walter Cronkite of this blog!

  2. Freaking AWESOME!!! are the "Phillies Blogger"

  3. Hey Wriz,

    The both of you should take that show on the road, that was very Phunny!

    Excellent interview. Gotta Love the Rally Towel Girl. I talked to her at 2 games last year and she's got a hell of a lot of team spirit.

    She is truly a "dyed-in-the-wool" Phils Phan!


  4. Very nice work. The Wriz always takes his game to the next level

  5. The actual season did start right? or did i just imagine that? Hey, Victorino had a huge hit today .....good opportunity to break out that interview about condiments with the hot dog vendor from section 208.

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    I will post some nudes whenever your mom signs the release. I mean ball gag or no ball gag you can still tell its her in the backround.

  8. Great interview Jay! Very comical, entertaining and educational too. I never heard of Rally Towel before this blog but she seems awesome!